Let’s face it, whenever you go somewhere, many of us don’t know exactly who and what to tip for. After scouring the net and chatting with industry professionals, we have compiled a list for tipping based on the type of service you receive while visiting the Corpus Christi area.


  • For taxi service, generally 10-15% is acceptable. If the driver helps with bags, add another dollar or two.


  • When you arrive at your hotel the friendly bell hops will be more than happy to take your bags to the room. Just remember to tip around $1 - $2 per bag!
  • How about the hard-working valet drivers that use their precision driving skills and alleviate the need of having to park in garages or distant lots? Emily Post recommends a couple of dollars, up to five - when the car is returned to you.
  • Forget to book tickets to a performance at Concrete Street or the American Bank Center? If the concierge can pull some strings and get them for you, $15 is great! For standard concierge services, a Lincoln (five-dollar bill) should work.
  • Housekeepers also do a great job of keeping towels stocked, beds made and other necessities that make your room a home-away from home. Trip Advisor recommends tipping $2 - $3 per night and up to $5 for a higher-end property. Be sure to also write a note so the housekeepers know the tip is for them.

Dining & Nightlife

  • With all the great drink specials in Corpus Christi, our friendly bartenders and servers are happy to serve up a great evening! Just remember to tip $1 per drink and let the good times flow.
  • Fresh seafood, great barbeque and an awesome wait staff is a great way to remember Corpus Christi. When sit-down dining, tips are recommended to start at 15% of the bill, with great to exceptional service climbing to 20-25%.
  • Had too much fun at the Texas State Aquarium’s Caribbean Journey or stayed at the beach all day and want an evening in? No worries as many hotels offer room service. RealSimple.com recommends 15-20% of the meal cost.


  • Whether it’s ghost tours on the USS Lexington in October, cruising the Corpus Christi Bayfront on Segways or any other guided tour of the area, Trip Advisor recommends 15-20%, depending on the knowledge and friendliness of the tour guide.
  • What about the fishing guides? Were they friendly? Did they put you on fish? Did they clean and bag your fish? If fish weren’t biting, did you laugh, see awesome things and get to cruise the bays, famous Laguna Madre or the Gulf of Mexico in style? If so, $20 on up, per person in the group, is a great gesture!

Get the royal treatment when you visit Corpus Christi, but don’t forget to add some extra dollars in your pocketbook to tip for the great service you will receive.