all photos by Visit Corpus Christi

With picturesque landscape as far as the eye can see, of course Corpus Christi has miles of free, elegant visual art to tease the senses. But in a town where ginormous shark faces welcome customers to walk through them, there’s also a lot of competition for downright silliness. Our public art runs from the sleek and sublime to the giddy and ridiculous. Here are some can’t-miss roadside relics that are sure to bring out your goofy side… or at least your selfie stick.

The Ice Cream Cone, Lamar Park Neighborhood

Corpus Christi Roadside Art

Folks come from all over to stick their tongues out and take forced-perspective photos “licking” the giant cone. (The massive concrete treat even has its own Facebook page!) The owners paint the giant soft-serve in different color schemes during various seasons and holidays. Located on Wilshire Place, the cone stands at the ready for your silly selfie or group shot. Just be sure to stay on the sidewalk or in the street, don’t trespass and please be sweet to the neighbors. Folks do live here, after all.

1948 Ford Woody by Chris Kouri, Texas Surf Museum

1948 Ford Woody -Roadside Art

Corpus Christi’s beloved Texas Surf Museum features this totally tubular ode to surf culture by Styrofoam-and-fiberglass sculptor Chris Kouri and Ace Foam Designs studios. Even the youngest surfers know the sacred place of the classic Woody station wagon that carried many a board to the beach and back.

For Sale by Danny O’Dowdy, Hamlin Center

Hamlin Center - Roadside Art

People love to stop and kick the tires of this wacky concrete ode to used car buying. The sandcastle-like sculpture of a man and a woman checking out a 1953 Corvette has been confounding locals for ages, but its story is simple. The developer of Hamlin Center commissioned it from artist O’Dowdy, (whose iconic bench resides in the Art Museum of South Texas’s permanent collection) as a catchy way to grab attention for the popular shopping strip. And grab it does.

The Demon of Corpus Christi, Leopard Street

Corpus Christi Roadside Art

According to Roadside America, this big red devil originally served as the centerpiece for a carnival ride. He gained a new life when a fellow who worked in the carnival-ride industry brought it down to Corpus Christi, where it sat in storage for a while before becoming the ominous icon of a recycling facility. Be careful when shooting pics here – no, not because the devil will get you, but because Leopard Street is often buzzing with traffic! This dude is really tall and you may have to cross the street to get him all into one shot.

BONUS: Do-It-Yourself Yard Art, Reve’s Resale Shop

Corpus Christi Roadside Art

Here’s an idea: Take some massive yard art home with you! We know many of you road warriors are traveling in big Texas trucks; why not fill them with the ultimate souvenir? Reve’s Resale Shop on Baldwin Street specializes in vintage oversized items like the Big Boy, the horse cart and the friendly lion pictured above. Select from the dozens stocked in the yard, or get creative and pose a few together.

It’s selfie time! Grab your traveling crew, jump in your car come to Corpus Christi to find all these quirky landmarks and get ready to say, “Cheeeeeese!”