Are you and your buddies looking for an escape that involves the sun, sand and water? Then come on down to the beaches of Corpus Christi and have a weekend you won’t soon forget! Here are 5 things for you and your group to do, while saving a little cash!

1. Drive on the beach

Yes, you can! Corpus Christi is one of the few places in the United States that actually allows you to drive for miles on the beach. Just make sure you have a beach parking permit for those areas that require them. Also, our dunes help protect our environment, so stick to the main path and check for sea turtles along the way!

Drive on the beach

2. Surf fishing

When driving down the beaches, you may see birds close to the shoreline. This is a pretty good indication there are game fish working the sand bars just a few feet into the water. There are also jetties and Bob Hall Pier that offer great opportunities for game fish. Your crew will be talking about catching Spanish mackerel, red drum and speckled sea trout for years to come! Just remember to bring your fishing license.


3. Surfing

Feeling a wave pick you up and gliding along the water heading towards the shore is a very awesome feeling! Sounds easy, right? For the more adrenaline-fueled members of your group, head to a local surf shop and rent some boards, then try blending nature’s wonders with athletic ability.


4. Campfires on the beach

Whether it’s a family trip, college roommates hanging out or a bachelor/bachelorette party, designated areas allow you to have small campfires where the group can enjoy stories, beverages and the wide-open sky. Be sure to check out the signs at beach access roads for any restrictions.


5. Horseback riding

Want to experience the beach in a unique way that will have your social media wall filled with likes? Horses on the Beach will allow your group to not only ride horses for all skill levels of riders, but give you photo opportunities few ever get to experience.

horseback riding on beach

The sun is out and our beaches are clean! Gather your friends and start planning for a weekend of fun in the sun in beautiful Corpus Christi!