Pancakes - Corpus Christi

photo: Pixabay/Creative Commons

Pancakes may not be the first tradition that pops into mind when thinking about Mardi Gras. But they are as much a custom as beads, parades or copious consumption of adult beverages in that one-last blast before Ash Wednesday kicks off Lent – the season of fasting before Easter on the Christian calendar.

Shrove Tuesday (aka Fat Tuesday or Pancake Day) may not be as well known as other holidays, but eat a plate full of flapjacks on this day, and you will be reveling with the best of them. Here are some great places to start your own new tradition and extend your Barefoot Mardi Gras celebration into the next week!

1. Town & Country Cafe

Pancakes - Corpus Christi

photo: Town & Country Facebook page

As a true-blue American diner, it is in Town & Country Cafe‘s DNA to treat breakfast as sacred. They open at 6a.m. and serve the glorious morning meal all the way up until 4p.m. Let these buttery buttermilk beauties officially kick off your last day of indulgence.

2. Price’s Chef

Pancakes - Corpus Christi

photo courtesy of Price’s Chef

Short stack! Full stack! Silver dollar! Hot Cake sandwich! So many varieties, so little time to eat them all before Ash Wednesday! Well, pull up to the counter at Price’s Chef in Corpus Christi’s Old Town Six Points, they’ve got the griddle sizzlin’ for ya.

3. Atomic Omelette & Grill

Pancakes - Corpus Christi

photo courtesy of Atomic Omelette & Grill

We suspect the Atomic Omelette & Grill was so named because putting their food in your mouth causes a chain reaction of YUM! Count down to deliciousness with a plate full of these blueberry beasts.

4. Strudel Mania

Pancakes - Corpus Christi

photos: Strudel Mania Facebook page

Strudel Mania is the mainland little sister of Padre Island legend J.B.’s German Bakery & Café, so even the pancakes here have an accent – on flavor! These griddle goodies come in apple, blueberry, German and even savory styles. Each plate comes with a side of applesauce – Ach, du lieber!

5. Andy’s Country Kitchen

Pancakes - Corpus Christi

photo: Andy’s Country Kitchen Facebook page

The noble pancake may be king, but when you clean your plate after polishing off one of Andy’s Country Breakfasts at Andy’s Country Kitchen – complete with biscuits & gravy, eggs, bacon, silver dollar pancakes and hash browns – they’ll be calling you Your Majesty!

6. Island Café & Smokehouse

Pancakes - Corpus Christi

photo: Island Café Facebook page

Holy smokes! Leave it to Port Aransas favorite Island Café & Smokehouse on the main drag to serve up pancakes the size of your head! No kidding. These (HUGE) ‘cakes lend new meaning to the word: OOF!

7. Bakery Café in Aransas Pass

Pancakes - Corpus Christi

photos by Mike B. & Jeff G.: Bakery Café page

If you find yourself heading out of town on Fat Tuesday, make sure to make your way through Aransas Pass in North Bay and plan to stop at the town’s renowned Bakery Café right on the main strip. Just be sure to ask for your desired discs of delight by their proper name: Here they are called Hot Cakes.

8. Whataburger by the Bay

Pancakes - Corpus Christi

photo by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

Want your pancakes served with a view and a side of Corpus Christi heritage? Well, get on down to Shoreline Boulevard, mosey up to the counter at Whataburger by the Bay and place an order for a Pancake Platter. Heck, make it a meal (drink and hash brown sticks, included). The beloved burger chain got its start in Corpus Christi and this location features a lovely second story wrapped in windows and an outdoor deck. How nice to sip your coffee while drinking in the vista of our beautiful bay.

The grills are heating up in the Coastal Bend – batter up! Come find your new favorite pancake here on your next visit. And check out the Visit Corpus Christi Events page for more Barefoot Mardi Gras details and of other happenings for Shrove Tuesday.