Spencer the Cat, who calls Water Street Market his home, is probably about the most Insta-Famous cat you will meet in Corpus Christi and he loves to be included in selfies. Here are 9 facts about our lovely Spencer - the coolest cat in Corpus Christi.

  1. Spencer definitely has a personality. In fact, he’s one of the friendliest cats you will ever meet.

  1. Spencer is a Hurricane Harvey survivor, just like many of us!

  1. This cool cat also enjoys hanging with the locals during Pint Night! Just don’t try and give him alcohol.

  1. Like most celebrities, Spencer has many other ambitions. He’s starting a career as a DJ.

  1. He’s so well liked, he never has to wander far for attention.

  1. Although Spencer is fed and watered daily like a normal kitty, he still manages to sneak in a “real” meal every now and then.

  1. Spencer will celebrate almost any holiday. He loves dressing for the occasion.

  1. Spencer enjoys live music. In fact, you can sometimes catch him on the speakers or sound board.

  1. At the end of the day, Spencer just likes getting his photo taken and hanging with people.

Want to see more Spencer? Check out his special hashtags - #SpencertheCat or #SurfClubCat