Corpus Christi is home to hundreds of different species of birds!  Named America’s Birdiest City for 10 years in a row, you’re sure to spot a bird or 100. The Coastal Bend has a great variety of birds due to its location. Coastal flyways converge in the Coastal Bend providing diverse habitats and attracting many resident, migrant and accidental birds to the area.

To non-birders, the sport of birding may seem daunting. How do you find the birds? What do you need? Where do you go birding? So many questions but do not fret…we have the answers!

Birding for the non birder


Binoculars; but no need for the fancy kind…You can get by with a regular pair for a leisurely birding trip.

Bird Identification Book; you’ll be able to identify resident and migratory birds with a book specifically for the Eastern United States. Pick one up at your favorite bookstore.

Bug spray, closed, comfortable shoes and relaxed clothes; comfort before anything else when birding!

Be quiet and observant; enjoy your surroundings and be on the look out for birds high and low.

Ask questions; experienced birders are usually eager to share their knowledge!

Birding for the non birder

Best times to bird:

Anytime is the best time to bird in the Coastal Bend. As we mentioned, this area is lucky enough to sit below two migratory pathways so birding gets even better during spring and fall migrations. It’s kind of like an airport…travelers, residents and everything in between.

In the spring, the high point of the birding year is during spring migration of March to May. Find shorebirds like the American Golden Plover or the Upland Sandpiper. Enjoy buntings, orioles, numerous species of sandpipers, warblers and more.

In the fall, find some of the same birds that were headed north in the spring, heading back home in the fall. One of the highlights of fall migration is HawkWatch... see thousands of raptors flying overhead at Hazel Bazemore Park! Join birding enthusiasts and novice birders alike for this amazing experience!

Birding for the non birder

Where to go:

Here are some ideas…

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask any nearby birders for their expertise. Our local birding club, the Audubon Outdoor Club, is always willing to help those non-birders. Check out our online Corpus Christi Birding Guide, or stop by the Corpus Christi Visitor Information Center for a printed copy.

Grab your gear and go birding in America’s Birdiest City!