With temperatures rising into the triple digits, there’s nothing like a delicious cool treat to beat the heat. Read on to find out where to grab an icy delight at some of Corpus Christi’s finest spots.

Scoopy’s Veranda Ice Cream Shoppe

Dive into a world of delicious, handcrafted desserts at Scoopy’s, each one made with Blue Bell Ice Cream – the national ice cream of Texas. Try a unique Corpus Christi confection like the Chocolate Barnacle – cookie bottom, ice cream middle, and mousse top or the banana split nestled in a house-made waffle cone shaped into a bowl.

13313 S Padre Island Dr


Rock and Rollin’ 

At Corpus Christi’s inaugural rolled ice cream shop, each low-sugar, low-calorie ice cream base is meticulously rolled and transformed into a mouthwatering delicacy. Explore a variety of pre-set flavors like the Matcha Lady or unleash your creativity by customizing your own unique blend with your choice of base, mix-ins, toppings, and drizzles for a frozen treat like no other.

2033 Airline Rd

D’Lites Ice Cream

Explore a wide assortment of flavors that are low in sugar, sodium, fat, and carbs, and over 20 toppings for a delicious blend customized to your liking. At only 50 calories per serving, this healthy alternative to regular ice cream makes for a guilt-free treat to indulge in. Be sure to check out their daily specials and 16 oz. take home containers so you can take your treat on the road.

6202 Dunbarton Oak Dr Suite 500

Tasty Wavez Italian Ice

Swing by Tasty Wavez and enjoy a homemade Italian ice treat that hits the spot on a hot, summer day. Choose from 17 tropical flavors like piña colada, mango, and watermelon, or level up your Italian ice game by adding your choice of chamoy, pickle chamoy, tajin, and diced pickles for a little spice to your treat.

4902 Greenwood Dr Suite C  

Candy Andy

Get ready for a refreshing twist on traditional icy treats at Candy Andy, where they specialize in unique flavors. Choose from snow cones, ice cream waffle bowls, milkshakes, fruit waters, or their signature Pineapple Paradise – a snow cone and ice cream inside a pineapple. Looking for something with a bit of a kick? Treat yourself to a Fresanada, Piñanada, or Mangonada, where a combination of fruit and spicy toppings make your tastebuds dance.

4701 Ayers St Suite #302


Sno-Ball 1 and Sno-Ball Too 

It’s like a snow cone, only better. This mountain of shaved ice, drenched in delicious syrup is a childhood favorite and a must-try for any visitor. From over 60 flavors, including sweet technicolor options like Dreamsicle and Tiger’s Blood, or traditional Strawberry and Pineapple flavors, there’s something for every palate. Try adding a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream to your sno ball or in your choice of waffle cone or cup.

Sno-Ball 1: 3830 Baldwin Blvd

Sno-Ball Too: 7114 Saratoga Blvd

Mangonadas by MLB 

A frozen treat and summer go hand-in-hand in South Texas. Stop by Mangonada’s by MLB near the downtown seawall for one of their summer-inspired icy delights or try their signature Piña Loca, – a hollowed-out pineapple, filled with agua fresca, topped with a fruit stick, a tamarindo stick, and decorated with candy and cascading pineapple slices.


Coffee Waves

Using traditional recipes from the Alps of Italy, the house-made gelato at Coffee Waves is a Corpus Christi favorite. Be sure to ask your barista which flavors are on the menu for the day. With over 200 flavors in rotation, there’s always something new to try. Take home a pint of your favorite flavor or try a frozen fruit smoothie in a variety of delicious flavors for a sweet treat on the road.

Various locations  

La Paletera

Featuring an extensive menu with dozens of flavors of freshly made frozen desserts, La Paletera is a great stop for the whole family. Choose from sweet or savory paletas (ice cream and fruit bars), fruity freezes made with fresh fruit, water, and sugar, or keep it simple with a fruit cup or some ice cream. No matter what you choose, your tastebuds will thank you. 

Various locations

Scoopz Frozen Yogurt

This Southside staple features 12 delicious flavors of the highest quality frozen yogurt that is non-fat or low in fat and upholds all the healthy probiotics of yogurt. Load up your frozen treat with your choice from over 40 toppings and create the perfect combination of flavors and textures to keep you nice and cool in the summer heat.

6418 S Staples St

Vu Tea

A nice cold drink from Vu Tea is perfect for a summer day in Corpus Christi. Whether you’re into flavored tea and lemonade, a smoothie, or a slush, the treats at Vu Tea are just right for the season. Choose from flavors like lychee, mango, passion fruit, lemonade, green apple, taro, and more for the perfect thirst quencher.

5634 McArdle Rd