Everybody is on Instagram these days. It’s sunset photo after sunset photo - it’s practically all the same! If you want to impress your followers and snag that coveted red heart, you have to really set yourself apart. In Corpus Christi, we’ll admit that every place you look has something picturesque to catch your eye. However, there are a few standouts that are sure to earn admiration from your Insta-followers.

Padre Balli Park

Padre Island - Bob Hall Pier

On the northside of Padre Island, you can find 400 acres of some of the most visually stunning scenery you’ll ever come across at Padre Balli Park. Take a stroll to the end of the pier for a view you won’t be able to get elsewhere. Bring along a picnic basket for an impromptu picnic at one of the many tables. Don’t forget to snap a photo before you begin munching!

Harrison’s Landing - Tavern on the Bay

Harrison's Landing.png

The only place in Corpus Christi where you can sail, shop, and dine all in one gorgeous waterfront location is at Harrison’s Landing. We think the photo of waterside dining patio reflected in the bay (above) speaks for itself. Your Instagram followers won’t be able to resist double-tapping!

Sunrise on the Beach

Sunrise and Shine in Corpus Christi

EVERYONE has photos of that same sunset on their Instagrams. Don’t be like everyone else. Opt for a brilliant sunrise instead. There won’t be quite as many people around to ruin the shot, and you’ll have something special just for you… which you’ll then share with all your Instagram followers.

The Post at Lamar Park

The carefully crafted menu at this gastropub will have you struggling to pick just one thing to showcase on your Insta-feed. The Post’s Lobster Mac and Cheese will add a vibrant pop of color to your Instagram and it’s also delicious! Make sure you select the perfect crafted cocktail to match.

See the Sea from a Different Point of View

Kayaking 101 - Image

Hop in a kayak and see the world from a different perspective. Head out into the water to catch a view that most people won’t get to see. Trust us, it’ll be worth the trip!

Street Art

Street Art Image

Corpus Christi’s street art makes for some surprising bursts of vibrant color. You’ll find the murals sprinkled throughout the city on the sides of tattoo parlors or in parks. They make the perfect backdrop for an Instagram photo!

Grand views in Corpus Christi are abundant - especially Instagram-worthy views. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to wow your followers! Planning an Instagrammable vacation soon? Check out our website to see what else you should add to your itinerary.