Seafood just tastes better when you catch and prepare it yourself. When you visit Corpus Christi, you’ll find plenty of great opportunities and locations to cast off. Learn more about turning those great catches into a fantastic dinner:

1. Grilling Out

Picture yourself and your family relaxing with a glass of wine or beer on the porch, the smell of fresh fish wafting from the grill. After a full day of fishing, is there a more perfect ending? If you want an even more authentic beach trip dining experience, head down to your favorite Corpus Christi beach to set up your grill. Just make sure you follow all city ordinances.

New to grilling fish? What better time to try something new than while on vacation? There are plenty of ways to prepare your catch that are sure to suit your palette. Follow these links for tips on cleaning and cooking the catch of the day.

2. Fish Tacos

If you’re looking for a unique way to prepare your fresh fish, tacos are a great way to go! There are more ways to prepare fish tacos than you might think. You can start by battering and frying the fish beforehand, or grill them for a healthier option. Explore more ways to prepare your fish to ensure you and your family enjoy the perfect meal.

The great thing about any type of taco is that everyone can customize their own. Prepare any number of “fixin’s” to allow each member of the family total control over their meal. Corpus Christi has a number of farmers’ markets that are perfect for scoring local veggies, cheese, and other ingredients. However you assemble your self-caught, fish tacos, you’re sure to enjoy them more. From water to table to tummy, you had a say in every step of the process!

3. Bring Your Catch to the Pros

Does cooking your own catch sound like a little too much work? No worries- let a restaurant cook it for you! Hey, you’re on vacation right? It’s your time to relax! If cleaning and cooking your fish isn’t your form of relaxation, you’re in luck! There are a number of restaurants around Corpus Christi that will cook your fish and serve it right to your table.

Now matter what part of town you’re in, there’s a great spot for your hard-won fish. Some of our favorite restaurants include:

However you choose to enjoy your catch of the day, it’s sure to be a great meal surrounded by great family and friends. Be sure to check out the rest of the great culinary adventures awaiting you when you Visit Corpus Christi!