Vacation is a time to let loose and set aside the rigidity of everyday life and dining is no exception. Sure, dining out may be a no-go in your regular life, but this is your hard earned trip to Corpus Christi and you deserve it. Everyone knows that for once-native Texans who have moved away Whataburger is a must have meal when returning home for a visit. But what about Corpus Christi specifically? We polled several Corpus Christi locals who moved away and came up with a comprehensive list of can't miss hometown favorite restaurants for your next trip to the Coastal Bend.

Kiko’s for the enchiladas and battered fried mushrooms.

Santa Rosa for the best crispy beef tacos, carne guisada, rice and beans.

La Paletera for the fruit cups WITH salt, lime and chili.

Linda’s Restaurant for ALL the tacos.

Are you hungry and homesick yet? Plan your trip to Corpus Christi today and hit up one or two of these hometown favorite restaurants to satisfy your CC Cravings!