Everyone wants to look good in their bathing suit at the beach! But here’s a training tip: The beach is actually the best place to get in shape. Thanks to all of that loose sand under your feet, your body needs to work extra hard to stabilize. That means a simple walk over the sand will incorporate more muscles than walking across the parking lot to get there. The result: More calories burned in less time.

And Corpus Christi is packed with beaches that are perfect for getting into shape. These include:

Getting Your Beach Body at the Beach

Here are some great exercises you can try at one of Corpus Christi’s many beaches:

1. Standing Broad Jump

The loose sand makes this old track and field event a really tough one!

How to do it: Make a mark in the sand about 25 paces away. Start in a low squat, then explode upwards and forward. Land, then do it again. Repeat until you reach the mark in the sand.

2. Crab Walk

Want to sculpt your shoulders and thighs at the same time? Walking like a crab on the beach is the best way to go!

How to do it: Make a mark in the sand about 25 paces away. Squat down on your behind, then place your hands out behind you. Raise your bottom so that your feet and hands are supporting your body off the ground. Taking quick, short steps to protect your wrists, move backwards toward the finish line.

3. The Beach Crawl

Target your abs and glutes with one workout!

How to do it: Lower yourself into plank position, then crawl forward for 60 seconds. By the end of it, you should feel it in your abs, hamstrings and glutes.

4. Sand Lunges

Feel the burn with this one!

How to do it: Make a mark in the sand about 30 paces away. Step forward, but lower your body so that your front knee bends 90 degrees. Step back up and do the same with your other leg. Be careful not to let your knees extend beyond your toes. Lunge to the mark in the sand, then lunge back.

5. Dune Sprints

Every runner knows you have to run on the hills if you want to get stronger. But if you really want a challenge, you’ll skip the hills and move right to the unsteady dunes.

How to do it: Pick out a high dune and sprint up it as high as you can. Carefully return to level ground. Repeat. Note: Watch out for dunes with “Keep Off” signs. If you see a sign, find another dune!

If the beach isn’t your speed, Corpus Christi is filled with beautiful parks and other nature sites that are great for walking and running. Want to get off your feet? Try one of Corpus Christi’s bike shares or rentals!