Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas offer many exciting kayaking opportunities including paddling trails and fishing, and if you’ve never paddled a kayak before, here is a glossary and a few resources to get you on the water!


Kayak – plastic boat needed to be considered a “Kayaker”

Kayaker – one who uses kayak as mode of transportation on the water

Kayaking 101

Kayaker in Kayak with paddle. PFD is located under seat with whistle attached.

Kayak Angler – one who fishes from kayak

Kayaking 101

Kayak angler wading while catching redfish.

Paddle – long, two-bladed stick used to propel the kayak

PFD – personal flotation device; not negotiable, needed in case of unplanned exit from kayak as well as abiding by the law (yes, US Coast Guard and Texas Parks and Wildlife require them)

Whistle – noise maker, signaling device; also required by law

Water Bottle – favorite beverage-filled container with hydration supplement

Water-Proof Camera – memory recorder

Cap or Hat – Shield of protection from sun

Sunscreen – Also shield of protection from sun

Dry Bag or Case – Seals and stores items you don’t want to introduce to the water


Kayak Rentals

Kayak Dealers

Kayak Nature Tours

Kayak Fishing Charters

Kayak Launch Spots (known areas with fees required marked *)