For over a decade, birders have been making their way to Corpus Christi to take advantage of all that America’s Birdiest City has to offer. There is no question that birds of all shapes and sizes love the Coastal Bend. So whether you are making one last summer trip to the beach or targeting a feathery adventure, be sure to keep your camera close and look out for these five impressive birds!

1. Roseate Spoonbill

This iconic wading bird is most likely to be mistaken for a flamingo! They can be spotted during the summer walking the tidal flats of Oso Bay as well as the marshes along Padre Island. If you find one, there will likely be more, as they prefer large groups.

Late Summer Birds5.jpg

2. Common Egret

Common Egret (Great White Egret) towering over 3 feet tall, this glorious white bird is truly a stunning sight. You are most likely to spot them slowly wading our marshes in search of their next meal. Due to their slow hunting pace, Egrets are great for honing in your outdoor photography skills. One hint- the faster you move, the more likely they are to fly off to more peaceful hunting grounds.

Late Summer Birds 4.jpg

3. Wilsons Plover

Here’s one bird that may love the beach more than you do! This medium sized shorebird calls Corpus Christi home for the summer where you can find them scouring the beaches for Fiddler Crabs and other small Crustaceans.

Late Summer Birds 3.jpg

4. Painted Bunting

This is one bird you cannot mistake for another, its brushstrokes of vivid blue red and green make this work of art easy to spot! The Painted Bunting calls Corpus Christi and the surrounding area home for most of the summer months and though they are fairly common, they can be overlooked due to their preference to dense vegetation.

Late Summer Birds 1.jpg

5. Frigate bird

Caution, this is one bird that may cause a sore neck. The Frigate Bird can spend weeks high above land in search of food. They are known for crossing oceans floating in the wind. During the summer nesting months, they can be spotted flying overhead in the daylight or nesting down at night. Keep your eyes peeled for their iconic forked tail, slender dark body and hooked bill.

Late Summer Birds 2.jpg

For more information on locations to find amazing birds click HERE.

Photography courtesy of Ben Horstmann, with Texas Parks and Wildlife