Skating Bridge

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Like one-stop cool shops ... on wheels, Corpus Christi-area skateboard stores are destinations in their own right, boasting style for miles and catering to all forms of board lords (and ladies). These friendly joints are must-visits for traveling skaters and fans alike, but there’s one thing they all know in their hearts: Trends are nice, but it’s all about the ride.

Benjamin's Surf and Skate

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Benjamin’s Surf & Skate will have you looking pretty fly for a skate guy... or gal, decking you out in Billabong, Stussy, Roxy and Hurley from head to toe. For what goes under those toes, pick from ready-to-roll skateboards – Powell, Landyachtz, Cliché and more – or shop for decks, wheels, bearings, risers and trucks for those custom projects.

For more than 40 years, this iconic shop has been Corpus Christi’s home for decks and trucks and rock & roll, nurturing the scene with copious skate and live music events. Just beware; you might find yourself singing their catchy jingle: "Ben-Jamin! Everybody been jammin'. Jammin' to the ocean song!" Don't say we didn't warn you.

Port Aransas' Board House Surf & Skate has kept all levels of skater – from master to weekend warrior to grommet (aka newbie) – landing on both feet. These hardcore island advocates are happy to share what they know about local skateparks and competitions and proudly sponsor their own local teams. They too carry a fine selection of completes as well as parts. And if you lose your bearings, count on them to be your service and repair gurus.

Grozny Skate & Clothing started in California and landed in the Coastal Bend in spring of 2016 like a well-planted Texas Two-Step. Welcome these new kids in the bowl, as they provide a Northwest community hub with deep inventory in a cozy space for nearby homies.

Wind and Wave Watersports

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Named for two things this town does not lack, Wind & Wave Watersports are known for stocking the region’s largest selection of longboard surfboards. They are no slouches in the skate department, either; featuring brands like the Sector9, Carver, Gravity and Globe, among a bazillion others. For three decades, these folks have been loyal sponsors, instigators and supporters of Coastal Bend skate events, not to mention a bright, green landmark on the way out to the beach.

Planning your trip? Be sure to pack your skateboard or bookmark this list so you can shop for a new one while you’re here. Corpus Christi is loaded with places to grab some air and the shops are the best ambassadors to the scene. If by chance the skateboarder in your group was left at home (why?!), shop here to bring them back the best souvenirs you can put in your suitcase.