All photos: Visit Corpus Christi

Popcorn's aroma sure is tempting. But mix in a little bit of sugar… and POW! It becomes a sweet, seductive treat. Fulton Kettle Corn is a popular mainstay at local farmers' markets, fairs and pop-up festivals all around the Coastal Bend.

Daniel Fulton started the business in 2015. He and his team pop some of the finest puffs of addictive goodness to ever hit a Texas tastebud.

Visit Corpus Christi had a couple of questions for him:

1. Is Fulton Kettle Corn named for Fulton, Texas?


There’s a family-tree that connects us back to George Ware Fulton of Fulton Mansion in Rockport-Fulton. He’s my great-great-great-great grandfather. People assume the business is from Fulton, but I’m a Corpus Christi native.

2. How and Why Did You Get into Kettle Corn?


I moved up to the northeast for about 10 years. One of my cousins had a successful kettle corn business in Delaware. I learned a lot helping him at farmers’ markets. When I came back home, kettle corn was something I knew, something I enjoyed and something unique I could bring to South Texas!

3. Who Runs the Business With You?


Miguel, Daniel and Debbie proudly sell fresh-made Fulton Kettle Corn!

Miguel, our salesman, is a family friend I’ve know since we were 5 years old. Debbie, our manager, is my sister. I figured who best to build this business?

4. What Makes Your Kettle Corn Special? Any Family Secrets?

All-natural ingredients: Organic, raw, pure, unrefined cane sugar, sea salt, non-GMO corn and gluten-free soybean oil. We took a month to develop our unique recipe and tested many combinations. For example, a different brand of oil changes the flavor entirely. Friends and family became our test kitchen.

5. What Other Flavors Do You Make?


Caramel sea salt, chocolate-covered – what I like to call “cocoa kettle corn,” white cheddar popcorn and pickle popcorn. For Corpus Christi Pride, we made a special batch of “Pride Popcorn" – cherry, banana, orange, grape, sour apple and blueberry!

6. You Seem to Be Everywhere! Where Can Folks Find You?

Regular gigs at free events:

Annual festivals and market days:


We can’t get enough of this fluffy, crunchy, salty, sweet stuff. Plan your trip to check out these area events and feel like a neighbor. Once you get down to Corpus Christi and try it, you won’t get enough, too. So load up on some bags and bring some home for your crew and for when that craving hits!