Caribbean Journey, the Texas State Aquarium’s newest and largest expansion in its history, brings the vibrant sights and sounds of the Yucatan Peninsula to the shores of South Texas. Take an adventure through the jungles, coastal lagoons, caves, and coral reefs of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve and enjoy up-close interactions with flamingos, crocodiles, birds, sharks and other exotic species.

1. H-E-B Caribbean Sea

This 400,000-gallon exhibit, featuring a life-size shipwreck, gives an up-close look at sandbar sharks, a Goliath grouper, stingrays, a sea turtle, and other aquatic species. Take in the view from a 68-foot long display window or travel through an 118-foot acrylic tunnel to find yourself in the middle of these sharks’ territory.


Photo by Visit Corpus Christi

2. Whataburger 4D Theater

Screening The Deep 4D: Mystery of the Ancient Amulet, the Whataburger 4D Theater uses unique special effects to make you feel as if you’re swimming right alongside their journey through the depths of the ocean. 3D glasses, wind, water, and even bubbles combine to give an immersive and unforgettable viewing experience. Shows are included with your admission.


Photo by Visit Corpus Christi

3. Flamingos

At the entry of Caribbean Journey’s jungle level, see vibrant Caribbean flamingos from just a few feet away. No walls separate you from these colorful and graceful birds, letting you enjoy their beautiful colors and observe them as they forage in the shallow water, preen themselves, and pose elegantly on one leg.


Photo by Visit Corpus Christi

4. Sloths

Hang out with Xena and Chico, our Linnaeus’s two-toed sloths, in Caribbean Journey’s jungle level. These gentle, slow-moving, and well, just plain adorable animals are sure to charm you as they carefully climb from branch to branch and munch on vegetables.


Photo by Visit Corpus Christi

5. Coral Reef

This exhibit provides a window into the colorful underwater ecosystems of the Caribbean and the fish that call them home. Among this dense collection of coral, you’ll find species of every shape and color, whose movements combine into a stunning kaleidoscopic effect. Step close to this tall window and feel yourself transported to the middle of a Caribbean reef.


Photo by Visit Corpus Christi

6. Presentations

Check your program schedule for a host of new and exciting presentations in Caribbean Journey. Observe our divers as they feed our Coral Reef fish their daily meals, or catch “Feeding Frenzy” to see our sharks gobble up their diet of fish and learn about these fascinating predators.


Photo by Visit Corpus Christi

Get up close and personal with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins from above and below the water in Dolphin Bay, watch as sea turtles gracefully glide through the waters of Tortuga Cay, and see North American river otters play the day away in Otter Creek. Catch a bite to eat at the Pepsi Shoreline Grill, and cool off in our H-E-B Splash Park. Head to Corpus Christi to go on a Caribbean Journey at the Texas State Aquarium!