What do you take home with you after a great vacation? Your memories! Visiting Padre Island? Here is exactly where to go for the best photos and selfies to keep those fun memories alive forever.

The Beach:

There are miles and miles (and miles!) of sandy beach to explore. But the classic photo op is Bob Hall Pier at Padre Balli Park by Mikel May's Beachside Bar and Grill (bonus, you can get a refreshing drink and a fish taco while enjoying the view).

Selfie Stops Bob Hall 1.jpg

The obvious shot is of the wooden pier stretching out over the gulf, but don't forget to shoot it from below, too, to capture the mesmerizing tunnel of waves.  Hit it up at sunrise or dusk for the best lighting. Wait for some big splashy waves for the best effect. Put yourself or a contemplative friend to the side or just go straight on for the scenic shot.

Selfie Stops Bob Hall Below 2.jpg

Don't forget to draw a message in the sand and shoot that, too. With a face or a foot... Happy Birthday! Happy New Year! Happy Friday! Or the classic heart with initials. Feeling creative? Add a shell or make a whole self-portrait using seaweed.

Selfie Stops Jump 4.jpg

When photographically shooting your friends on the beach, try having them jump for joy in the surf instead of just standing still in the sand.


Experience great photo AND shopping opportunities at Ocean Treasures. The iconic sea life sand sculpture was created in 2004 by Kevin Hoffman and faces Park Road 22, enticing all who pass by to come in and check out every kind of beach accessory and souvenir known to man, from shells and shot glasses to toys and towels. Putt a quick 18 holes at Treasure Island Golf and Games next door after you capture that majestic mermaid fountain.

Selfie Stops Mermaid 5.jpg

Looking for colorful brand-name beachwear (Roxy, Reef, Hurley and more), to model in your next photo? Try Third Coast Beach Company but make sure to snap a shot with the giant sharp-toothed shark jaw entryway on your way in.

Selfie Stops Third Coast Shark 6.jpg


Doc's Seafood & Steaks right on the water under the bridge, is your go-to spot for great sunset photos (and pirate mai tais). Bonus points for getting the bridge in the background. Or a boat. Or a flying pelican. Or your cocktail...

Selfie Stops Docs 7.jpg

Use #SeeCC when sharing on social media so we can enjoy your memories, too!