Put on your red shoes and dance — the cumbia in Corpus Christi! 

Get out of your daily grind and get blown away by Tropicoso Tropical Vibes Cumbia Dance Party. It’s the baile you don’t want to miss!


Local legend and Grammy-nominated DJ El Dusty masterminds this monthly extravaganza, held at House of Rock.

As part of a large-scale vision for the event, El Dusty combines top-notch world rhythms with leading tropical base artists from all over the world. Concentrating on high quality entertainment and a rad light show, Tropicoso brings this bidi-bidi-bom-boming, nalga-shaking experience into downtown Corpus Christi.


What you’ll hear


Sweet beats that come in the form of live percussionists mixed with electronics. Who ever thought hip-hop would mix well with the accordion?  Trust us, it lives together in harmony during Tropicoso — and guarantees a night of grito-induced dancing.


Who you’ll see


Tropicoso brings ground-breaking producers and entertainers from all over the world.  These pioneering artists take traditional cultural music and create new genres by mixing the old with new, fresh elements. Get a peek at what major cities all over the globe experience with fresh artists like Grammy-nominated DJ Happy Colors, Sotomayor and Gio Chamba.


What you’ll remember


The conga bashing.



The special contests.

You also will want to check out their giveaways and La Lisa’s Loteria!



But you’ll always remember the frenzied dancing that will make you feel like you got your workout in for the week.

Watch The Video

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