photo by Visit Corpus Christi

The perfect after-work hang out for locals is also the perfect after-shopping, after-sightseeing, get-the-party-started spot for visitors. The name The Post may conjure rootin’-tootin’ hitching posts and trading posts, but this Post is named for the U.S. Post Office branch which occupied the space long before it became known as Corpus Christi’s place to be when the sun sets.

Longtime bar owners and married couple James and Susan Gonzales (Izzy’s Bar & Patio, the Reserve) along with Chef Robert Flores present inventive gastropub cuisine in a trendy yet cozy environment set in the tony Lamar Park shopping center. The small-plates yet rib-sticking concept menu has been quite a hit since launching in late 2015.

First Class Cocktails

Blue Ribbon.jpeg

photo courtesy of Susan Gonzales, The Post

The Post’s Blue Ribbon cocktail

“James and I travel a lot,” said owner Susan Gonzales. “I love finding little quaint local places that aren't touristy, aren't corporate, aren't franchised. We get ideas.”

Designing a menu with some lighter fare and heavier fare, Gonzales said, “Everything is meant to be shared.”

Everything also can be paired: The Post’s extensive bar features a dizzying array of beer, wine and top-shelf liquor. From the classics – they make a mean Old Fashioned, Manhattan and Mint Julep – to flirty, innovative refreshers like the Go Naked or the Blue Ribbon (pictured above), The Post aims for “quality cocktails, with fresh muddled berries not fruit loop flavors in syrups,” Gonzales said.

Special Delivery Grub

Only a few months into The Post's debut, Texas Monthly not only called the restaurant's Heisenburger one of the "50 Greatest Burgers in Texas," but also dubbed the delectable patty (bacon and/or fried egg optional!) addictive, throwing in a Breaking Bad reference to boot. Nice catch, Texas Monthly; that burger is named for the TV show's character!


photo courtesy of Susan Gonzales, The Post

The Post’s Beef Tenderloin sandwich

It may be blasphemy, but we're going to say it anyway: The Beef Tenderloin Sandwich is even better. It’s a perfectly grilled slab of melt-in-your-mouth tenderloin cloaked in goat cheese, caramelized onions, sun-dried tomatoes and dappled with a tangy balsamic reduction that comes together in one big bliss-filled bite after another. Couple either of these beauts with the (equally addictive) Crispy Brussel Sprouts sizzling with Honey Sriracha sauce or popular Lobster Truffle Mac & Cheese and you’re on your way to gastro-heaven.

Fun fact: According to Gonzales, less than one year into biz and The Post has sold over two tons of their signature Brussel sprouts… and are on course to have sold three tons by the mark of their calendar year!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered


photo courtesy of Corpus Christi Public Library Archives

The Gonzales duo transformed a former post-office/retail edifice into a hip yet friendly space. The interior is rustic industrial, that kind of old-timey modern feel set off by reclaimed wood, cool steel and the warm glow of Edison light bulbs – a perfect backdrop for button-down bartenders concocting crafty cocktails.


photo courtesy of The Post

Banks of TVs keep the home teams cheering, and when the happy-hour set arrives, the place really starts to hustle and bustle. It’s an adult lounge, to be sure; kids would be most comfortable during early weekday hours, before the end of the workday and on weekend brunches.

The Post marks a positive change for Corpus Christi cuisine and cocktail culture. The team’s seasonal and staple plates philosophy is clear: “I would rather be known for 10 amazing things than 30 mediocre things,” said Gonzales. And that’s what’s going to keep travelers coming back each time they visit Corpus Christi.