The Texas Surf & Yoga Festival takes to the waves and the yoga mats Friday, September 29 through Sunday, October 1. The festival happens at various locations on Padre Island and along the Corpus Christi Bayfront/Downtown.

When? September 29 – October 1, 2017

  • Friday, 4:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, 7:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, 8:00 a.m.-6:00p.m.

1. Come Visit Corpus Christi: The Best Place for a Festival!


Corpus Christi has miles and miles of gorgeous beaches. And every mile of coastline – from the Bayfront to Padre Balli Park – is convenient to restaurants, clubs, attractions and a lot of downtown fun. Plus, Corpus Christi’s proximity to San Antonio, Houston, Austin and other cities means easy access for land-locked surfers and yogis who want to soak in that awesome Corpus Christi sun.

2. Meet Surf and Yoga Locals and Discover Cool Shops


Of course, area surf culture will be on board. Come meet local shops set up as festival vendors, like Wind & Wave and Dockside in Flour Bluff, as well as Board House in Port Aransas, which is rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey.

Padre Island is the place for the Friday and Sunday events. The opening VIP events happen at Island Time Sushi and Island Yoga Time on Friday afternoon. All day Saturday, everything moves to the Bayfront. Restaurant/pub/live music venue, The Exchange serves as headquarters, with events happening at nearby Waterdog Floating Yoga near the T-Head, Studio Be and the Texas Surf Museum. On Sunday, it’s back to Padre Island at Bob Hall Pier and Mikel May’s.

3. Check Out the Newly Renovated Emerald Beach Hotel


The Bayfront’s only beachfront hotel is this year’s host for accommodations and a few events. The Emerald Beach Hotel features an indoor pool, a restaurant and two lounges, including Kokomo’s Bar, featuring a fun and breezy drink menu and some of the best views of the bay on an outdoor deck.

4. Learn How Yoga and Surfing Have a Lot in Common


You might say that surfing and yoga are joined at the hip. Both traditions nurture the mind, body and spirit and can be practiced solo or with a group. Both are all about the balance. And both have their own lingo: We’re not sure if you can “hang ten” and do a “downward dog” at the same time, but you can sure try!

5. Support Ecological and Hurricane Harvey Relief Causes


The Surf & Yoga Festival has always donated festival funds to the Surfrider Foundation of the Coastal Bend, the local branch of Surfrider USA, the national advocates for clean, healthy and accessible beaches. The festival also helps the Gulf Coast Humane Society and VEToga (a veterans’ yoga organization).

Also this year:

  • A portion of the proceeds will be dedicated to Hurricane Harvey relief.
  • Free admission to all residents of areas that were affected.
  • Free access to any stores or vendors located in the areas of the destruction: RSVP in advance to set up shop for free.

6. Dive Deeper Into Your Practices


It’s two-and-a-half days of community and cool workshops and break-out sessions like the Soul Shaper Expression Session, featuring Texas board shapers and creators showing their craft. Plus, surf pros will be on hand to offer lessons to all attendees. Be sure to catch the yoga sessions for many styles and disciplines, including acro yoga, prenatal yoga and even beer yoga – but hopefully not all at once!

7. Jam Out to Some Great Bands


What better way to find your flow than through music? Check out local and regional artists like Independent Thieves, Los Surfvivers, Amanda Faye and Proof of Life.

8. Become Part of the Community!


This festival is all about community. The intention behind the gathering is to bring together both beautiful concepts of surf and yoga and to create a space for all levels of skills and people of all shapes and sizes.

What are you waiting for, Moondoggy? Grab your board, your yoga mat and your most mindful intentions and get down to Corpus Christi for this wonderful celebration of surf, yoga and community. Register in advance at the Surf & Yoga Festival Texas ticket portal and Namaste, y’all!