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Savor the Flavors of the Coast

The Gulf Coast Capital offers a diverse culinary scene that provides a feast for every palate

There’s something exciting about dining in Corpus Christi. Food is truly the spice of life, and here on the coast, the meals are designed to fit every budget and any craving - whether its chef driven restaurants, fresh seafood by the water, authentic food trucks, delicious Tex-Mex, or Texas-style barbecue. Let’s not forget the dynamic nightlife scene from sipping craft brews in a local microbrewery, mixologist made cocktails, or refreshing frozen margaritas. From a family-friendly brunch to late-night eats, it’s all about enjoying big flavors and creating great memories.

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New Restaurants in 2024 | Flavors of the Coast

Craft Chef Profiles | Best Dishes From Around the World

New Restaurants in 2024  

New restaurants and bars are popping up in Corpus Christi and they’re adding exciting flavors to the city’s dining scene, especially in Downtown Corpus Christi.  

New to the lineup of the Water Street franchise is El Camino, the latest spot for elevated Tex-Mex cuisine, late night bites, and unique cocktails, while at Frida’s Mexican Restaurant, you’ll find traditional Tex-Mex favorites from early morning breakfast tacos and egg-centric plates to lunch and dinner staples like enchiladas, fajitas, and seafood plates.  

Prohibition Corpus is a new restaurant and bar featuring a speakeasy theme, bringing back Prohibition times. The owner is originally from New York City and incorporated his generational family recipes from Calabria, Italy into the menu. At Gallery 41 Water’s Edge Grill, located inside the Art Center of Corpus Christi, the menu features a variety of dishes from starters and main entrees to soups, salads, and sandwiches made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy it all directly from the outdoor patio overlooking the water, and a bar menu with specialty craft cocktails. 

Head to the Island to try Merida’s Tapas and Cantina, where you’ll find an array of seafood dishes including shrimp baskets, seafood mac and cheese, hot or cold tapas, paella, and more with stunning waterfront views.


Flavors of the Coast 


Explore the vibrant world of Tex-Mex cuisine in Corpus Christi and discover mouthwatering dishes with authentic Tex-Mex flavors that will leave you craving more. From sizzling fajitas and enchiladas to carne guisada and flavorful salsas, there’s something for everyone. There is no shortage of delicious options for Tex-Mex food for a fiesta of flavors on the coast. 


In Texas, we love BBQ, and the Gulf Coast Capital has a variety of delicious BBQ joints serving up a delectable range of smoked meats and traditional sides from tender brisket and juicy ribs to perfectly seasoned sausages and pulled pork. These dishes are often accompanied by homemade sauces and classic sides like coleslaw, potato salad, and baked beans, ensuring there's something to satisfy every meat lover’s palate.  


Oyster enthusiasts flock to Corpus Christi restaurants in anticipation of ordering their favorite bivalve on a half shell. The city offers an abundance of fresh, flavorful oysters, often harvested locally, and served raw on the half shell, grilled, or fried, showcasing the versatility of this coastal delicacy. Whether you prefer them with a squeeze of lemon or a dash of hot sauce, the oysters here are celebrated for their briny, ocean-fresh taste.


Corpus Christi is a seafood lover's paradise. It offers a diverse array of options from upscale dining establishments to casual waterfront spots that serve up a variety of mouthwatering dishes from perfectly grilled fish, shrimp, crab, and of course, the city's famous oysters. Many of these eateries emphasize local ingredients and seasonings, creating dishes that celebrate the flavors of the sea.


Craft Chef Profiles 

Learn the stories behind the talented chefs that shape the culinary scene in the Gulf Coast Capital. Meet the chefs, try their food, and enjoy an experience with a fantastic story behind it. Whether you’re looking for chefs with innovative fusion cuisine or traditional coastal flavors, discover the passion, creativity, and dedication that drives the culinary prowess that shapes Corpus Christi’s culinary landscape.  

Natalie Trevino | Chef Eddie Warren Jr. | Chef Francesco Inguaggiato



Best Dishes from Around the World 

Explore the culinary landscape of the Gulf Coast Capital and unleash your inner foodie. In a city with a population of just over 300,000, there are plenty of great international dishes to choose from that will intrigue even the most discerning palate.  


Try Dokyo Dauntaun for an entire experience with lighting, music, art, craft cocktails, and Japanese and Korean fusion dishes or go to Vietnam Restaurant for rich, flavorful Vietnamese food in a warm, inviting atmosphere. The Little Manila Lumpia House in Flour Bluff brings the flavors of the Philippines in every lumpia, pancit, and soup, while Thai Spice brings authentic flavors of Thailand in this family owned and operated restaurant serving up dishes using original family recipes. Some chefs bring traditional Asian flavors and add a Texan or coastal spin to the menu. At BKK Thai Kitchen & Bar, you’ll find classic Thai dishes that were inspired by travels to Thailand and other countries, but the ambiance reflects the hip sensibilities of the surrounding Lamar Park area, while at Ninja Ramen, you’ll find delicious ramen bowls inspired by the ramen and traditional Thai cuisine the owner experienced every time she visited her hometown in Thailand. At Roaming Ronin, each dish is inspired by the owner’s travels throughout Southeast Asia during his time serving the U.S. Navy to form a menu of delicious Asian cuisine with a Texas spin.  

South American 

Head to the islands of South America with signature Venezuelan dishes at Ora’s Kitchen consisting of richly flavored finger foods of the Venezuelan oil fields. This hidden gem offers traditional fare from arepas and the cachapa to the chica de arroz and the flan. For a fiesta of homemade Mexican flavors and a family environment, head to Celsita’s on the Island. Enjoy authentic Mexican dishes, made from scratch, and created from Celsa’s cultural upbringing. At Costa Sur, you’ll find an array of seafood focused Peruvian delights with a modern flair made directly by the King of Ceviche.  


Bellino’s offers a warm, cozy spot for enjoying traditional Italian dishes. All sauces, desserts, pastas, and bread selections are made from scratch. Their extensive wine cellar is filled with unique wines from Italy and beyond, and the full bar mixes up classic Italian cocktails with fresh, traditional ingredients. If you swing by on a Thursday, in support of our local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen, Chef Inguaggiato serves up an Italian inspired farm to table special, and every first and last Friday, there is a wine pairing with a sommelier.  


Eirini’s Gyros & More offers up authentic flavors of Greek food with lamb, gyros, pitas, and more. This family-owned spot knows how to set the mood with a Grecian fountain on the patio and speakers with traditional Greek music.  


Embark on a culinary journey that combines the rich traditions of Indian cuisine with the vibrant flavors of Corpus Christi at Persis Indian Grill & Bar. Their chefs believe that food is a reflection of culture, so they masterfully craft each dish to capture the essence of Indian flavors while using locally sourced ingredients when possible. At Sufi Kabob you can get a quick bite with the great flavors of Indian food. From Pakistani and Persian to Indian and even Halal, this menu offers casual eats for every palate. The Middle Eastern Market & Deli offers double the options. If you choose the door on the left, you’ll enter a bodega where you can find ingredients to make a delicious meal inspired from India and Iran. If you take the door on the right, you’ll enter a cafeteria style eatery with fresh food bearing all the flavors of Indian and Iranian cuisine.  

Multi-cultural Cuisine 

For a cultural combination that stands out from the rest, try Ara’s Steak & Seafood for a serving of Romanian, Polish, and South African cuisine, all in one menu or stop by Ginger Café for the flavors of India, Greece, Turkey, and Iran, for a true world tour of culinary delights.


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