Amy Acuff Amy Acuff

Amy Acuff

High-Flying Track & Field Star Achievement Set New Heights for Aspiring Athletes

Amy Acuff's drive to always aim for higher goals has been evident since her high school days as a Calallen Wildcat. While she was serious about her passion and talent for high jumping, Acuff didn't limit herself to just one sport. She applied her athleticism to other endeavors, participating in team relay for track and even playing basketball. She was also a key member of the Class 4A girls' state championship basketball team in 1990. 

Acuff’s strong work ethic and drive for excellence led to a relentless pursuit of improvement, earning her multiple records and personal bests. Her 6-foot 2 1/4-inch-high jump set in 1991 as a junior still stands as a record more than 25 years later at the Texas state UIL track and field competitions.  

Additionally, Acuff set a national record of 6 feet 4 inches at the Pan American Junior Olympic team in Austria, a record that stood until 2015. Her personal best high jump of 6 feet, 7 inches was achieved in Zurich in 2003.  

Beyond her athletic achievements, Acuff continues to inspire and empower others to reach for their highest potential. Her legacy as a trailblazer in track and field endures, leaving an indelible mark on the sport and inspiring generations to dream big and aim high. 

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Amy Acuff

High-Flying Track & Field Star Achievement Set New Heights for Aspiring Athletes

Amy Acuff, a native of Corpus Christi, Texas, knows how to aim high—literally and figuratively. The record-setting high jumper has made an impressive five appearances in the Olympics, showcasing her exceptional talent and determination on the world stage.

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