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Corpus Christi Film & Music

Dive into Corpus Christi’s dynamic film and music scene

Explore the world of entertainment in Corpus Christi, where film and music collide to create a fun atmosphere that captivates locals and visitors alike. From indie film creators to musicians and celebrities, experience the heartbeat of creativity along the Gulf Coast.

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Music-Friendly Designation Major Films Produced in Corpus Christi

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Music Friendly Designation

The creation of the Film and Music Commission has provided support for the film and music industries, bringing a new artistic flair to Corpus Christi’s already impressive cultural landscape, and Corpus Christi is now one of the 50 Texas cities holding the Film and Music Friendly City designation. The commission’s active collaboration with local musicians and filmmakers has yielded invaluable support for 280 local artists and participation in key industry events, such as tradeshows, expansions, and outreach with esteemed organizations. Visit the Film and Music Commission’s website for more information.   


Major Films Produced in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi has not only charmed visitors with its scenic beauty, but it has also served as a backdrop for numerous major films. As cameras rolled, Corpus Christi’s vibrant streets, historic landmarks, iconic locations, and picturesque coastlines filled many movie scenes. Explore the parts of the city that served as stunning backdrops for movies like The Legend of Billie Jean (1985), Selena (1997), Pearl Harbor (2001), and more.


Famous Actors/Actresses or Musicians

Part of Corpus Christi’s rich history includes the famous celebrities that were born right here in the Gulf Coast Capital. From star-studded talent lighting up the big screen like Jeremy Jordan and Eva Longoria to musicians like Roger Creager, or athletes like Ashley Kidd and the Labonte brothers, there are many celebrities that were born in Corpus Christi and continue to inspire audiences worldwide, embodying the true spirit of Corpus Christi.



The world knows her as Selena Quintanilla-Perez, Queen of Tejano music, but here in Corpus Christi, she’s our hometown hero. Not only did she sing her way into the hearts of many, but she also brought the Latino community together with her music and inspired them with her energy and talent. Now, 25+ years after her untimely death, her music continues to resonate in the hearts of many, her style continues to be imitated, and Corpus Christi continues to be a tourist attraction for all things Selena. From statues and murals to museums and parks, there are many places throughout the city that truly embody who Selena was and what she means to the community.  



The Visit Corpus Christi Film & Music Commission celebrated Corpus Christi's 2023 Music Friendly City Designation at the inaugural MusicWalk, a collaborative event with the Corpus Christi Music Advisory Council and the Downtown Management District. MusicWalk showcased over 60 local musicians across 22 outdoor stages and 8 venues downtown, making a significant cultural and economic impact. This annual two-day event, expanding the scope of ArtWalk, promises even more music, fun, block parties, food trucks, and vibrant community engagement. 


Film-Friendly Designation

Corpus Christi’s designation as a Film-Friendly City marked a significant milestone in its cultural and economic development, and highlights Corpus Christi's commitment to fostering a supportive environment for filmmakers. The city offers diverse scenic locations, streamlined permitting processes, and a community eager to welcome the film industry. This designation not only enhances Corpus Christi's appeal as a prime filming destination but also promises to boost the local economy through job creation and tourism.


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