Selena Quintanilla-Perez, the Queen of Tejano Music, isn't just a global icon - she's our hometown hero. She brought the Latino community together with her innovative music and inspired people worldwide with her energy and talent. Her legacy continues to live on in our memories, throughout the city, and in our pop-culture consciousness.

Corpus Christi is home to the world-famous Selena Museum and it’s worth a trip just to see it! To prepare for your visit to the museum of the Queen of Tejano, here are 7 things you need to know before arrival:

1. It's the ultimate road trip destination.

Hop on the highway and take a mini road trip to the Gulf Coast Capital. You know what they say — anything for Selenas!

  • From Austin & Houston: 3 hours
  • From San Antonio: 2 hours
  • From McAllen: 2.5 hours

2. The museum is open during the week.

Plan accordingly! The museum is open Monday - Friday from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

3. Admission is under $10!

The cost of admission for adults (13+) is $5 and admission for kids (4-12) is just $3.

4. A guided tour is included.

Visitors to the museum can expect a guided tour from museum staff. The staff walks you through the museum and it comes with no shortage of Selena stories, memories, and fun facts!


5. The museum is owned and operated by Selena's family.

Many visitors are lucky enough to spot Suzette, Selena's sister, and Abraham, Selena's father, in their element at the museum! Oftentimes, museum-goers leave with a great memory and epic selfie with the Quintanillas.

6. Stand where Selena once stood.

Inside the museum is a recording studio. And yes, Selena did record her music there! Many Tejano artists still record in this space. And fun fact, Jennifer Lopez also filmed in the studio when she played Selena in the 1997 film about her life.


7. See some of Selena's prized possessions.

Along with her singing talents, Selena was also quite the fashionista! On display, you'll find several of her iconic concert outfits in the museum like her purple jumpsuit, Grammy dress, and her outfit from the Amor Prohibido album cover. You'll even see her beloved red Porsche, Grammy award, unseen photos, and more.

And before leaving the museum, take home a newly prized possession of your own! The Selena Museum has a great gift shop with t-shirts, accessories, posters, and more.

Now that you’re prepared for the Selena Museum, what are you waiting for? Celebrate Selena's life and legacy for yourself at the Selena Museum, Mirador de la Flor and so much more in Corpus Christi!