Find Deals Around the Coastal Capital of Texas

From discounts to some of our mosts popular attractions to special promotions, you are bound to discover a few great offers and enhance your trip!

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Corpus Christi Under the Stars

Experience the magic of the night sky while stargazing in Corpus Christi. The darkest, clear skies or when the sun has set low enough below the horizon create the best backdrop, and coupled with the gulf breeze and the sounds of the waves hitting the shoreline; it can be quite a memorable…

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Corpus Christi Visitor Info Center

Capture the vibe of Corpus Christi with a quick trip to the Visitor Information Center. Swing by this information hub and gain access to special discounts, shop for exclusive Corpus Christi items, and gather inspiration for the coming days spent in the Gulf Coast Capital. Hours of Operation Open…

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Gift Shops in Corpus Christi

Discover the best souvenir and gift shops on North Beach, North Padre Island, and Downtown. From quaint beachside locations filled with coastal treasures to vibrant gift shops with unique selfie spots, there’s no shortage of places to find the perfect Corpus Christi-themed item. Explore the shopping…

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Restaurants Open Late in Corpus Christi

Discover late-night dining spots for those post-celebration hunger pangs. Whether it’s savory comfort food or a light treat, Corpus Christi has some of the best eateries serving up delicious food into the night. Read on to discover your ideal spot to keep the fun going into the late hours. House of…

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Corpus Christi's Southside Restaurant Guide

Corpus Christi’s Southside is great for shopping and sightseeing, but at some point, you’re going to need to refuel with a delicious bite to eat. Choose from an array of locally owned and loved restaurants for a remarkable dining experience. Read on and find your new favorite Southside dining spot…

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Enhance Your Beach Experience With Unique Activities

Looking for an escape that involves the sun, sand, and water? Coast over to the beaches in Corpus Christi and add on some unique activities to ensure a memorable weekend in the Gulf Coast Capital for the whole family! Horses on the Beach It might sound like a scene from a romantic comedy, but a…

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Corpus Christi Guide To Spending Spring Break Indoors

An unexpected rain shower can be a real damper on your Spring Break, but we’re here to tell you there’s nothing to fret about if some drizzles hit the Coastal Bend! Below are some amazing indoor experiences that may have you wishing for rain on your next trip to Corpus Christi. Get Your Yoga On…

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