Find Deals Around the Coastal Capital of Texas

From discounts to some of our mosts popular attractions to special promotions, you are bound to discover a few great offers and enhance your trip!

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Explore Corpus Christi Food Trucks

From street tacos and pizza to coffee and desserts, the Corpus Christi food truck scene is a melting pot of delicious flavors. Coast over and explore these must try mobile eateries for a unique culinary adventure in the Gulf Coast Capital. Loli's Streatery Experience a new wave of Tex-Mex…

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Community Story: Natalie Trevino

Inspired by memories of Saturday dinner at her Oma’s house and fueled by a deep love for food, award-winning Chef Natalie Trevino embarked on a culinary adventure that brought The Roughian, a culinary style inviting connection, storytelling, and the joy of shared experiences, to Corpus Christi. Chef…

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Places to Eat on Padre Island

Padre Island is perfect for a day of sand, sun, surfing, and sightseeing, but at some point, you’ll need to break for food. With the variety of locally owned and loved restaurants, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Read on and find your new favorite dining spot on Padre Island. Pizza We love a…

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Restaurants Open Late in Corpus Christi

Discover late-night dining spots for those post-celebration hunger pangs. Whether it’s savory comfort food or a light treat, Corpus Christi has some of the best eateries serving up delicious food into the night. Read on to discover your ideal spot to keep the fun going into the late hours. House of…

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Corpus Christi's Southside Restaurant Guide

Corpus Christi’s Southside is great for shopping and sightseeing, but at some point, you’re going to need to refuel with a delicious bite to eat. Choose from an array of locally owned and loved restaurants for a remarkable dining experience. Read on and find your new favorite Southside dining spot…

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Women-Owned Businesses to Support in Corpus Christi

Artists, chefs, fashionistas, and beer brewers sure know how to coast their own way in Corpus Christi. Meet some of the lady boss businesses that are loved by locals and visitors alike! Boutiques From curated collections to handmade crafts and artisanal goods, Corpus Christi boutiques have a wide…

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Coastal Winter Day Itinerary

Explore the coastal charm in Corpus Christi and discover breathtaking beaches, local eateries, and bold attractions against the backdrop of the mild winter climate. Make the most of your stay with the selection of activities on our itinerary offering the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement on…

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