Explore the coastal charm in Corpus Christi and discover breathtaking beaches, local eateries, and bold attractions against the backdrop of the mild winter climate. Make the most of your stay with the selection of activities on our itinerary offering the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement on this coastal getaway


Start your day off right at Island Joe’s with a warm cup of Joe, freshly brewed with homemade flavor syrups or a mug of hot cocoa. Pair it with one of their delicious breakfast items for a quick pick-me-up to leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day.

Now that the sun is fully out, it’s time for a walk on the beach. Corpus Christi is known for its selection of beaches, so choose from Whitecap, JP Luby, Mustang Island, or Padre Island National Seashore for miles of sandy shores and gorgeous waves. If you’re feeling adventurous, book a ride with Horses on the Beach or simply walk along the shores to soak up the sun and the gulf breeze.



As hunger takes center stage, it’s time to explore Island cuisine. If you’re craving a quick and casual bite, head to Surfside Sandwich Shoppe or let your creativity run wild at Padre Island Burger Co. with their build-your-own burger option. Pizza is also delicious at any time or place and if you’re looking for a hot and fresh pizza, Padre Pizzeria is the perfect spot. Pick it up to go or have it delivered to you right on the beach, or try a fiesta of flavors at La Palma, with a variety of your favorite Mexican dishes.  



You’ve spent the first part of your day on the Island, and now it’s time to explore Downtown Corpus Christi for more fun things to do. Visit over 1,900 works of art housed in the iconic Art Museum of South Texas (AMST) and enjoy a variety of paintings, photographs, ceramics, large installation pieces, and so much more. Then, swing by the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History explore the history of the shipwrecks from early explorers, and dive into the museum’s innovative programs in history, culture, and science.

Take a quick trip over the Harbor Bridge and stop by the Texas State Aquarium and immerse yourself in an underwater adventure with over 250 species of fish and reptiles, as well as mammals, birds, and invertebrates from the Gulf and the Caribbean. Then, jump aboard the USS Lexington Museum and discover the history of her role in WWII, check out the Blue Ghost, try out the escape rooms, and more fun for the whole family.



It’s time for dinner and fresh, quality seafood. Stop by Water Street Oyster Bar or Landry’s Seafood House, where a unique ambiance and coastal flavors come together for a memorable dining experience. If seafood isn’t for you, head to U&I Steakhouse and choose from a variety of steaks from 6 oz. sirloins to huge, hearty ribeye, all charbroiled over an open mesquite flame. For a dinner and entertainment experience, head to House of Rock for music, pizza, and beer, or Brewster Street Ice House and Executive Surf Club for excellent food and live music.  



You’ve had quite an adventurous day, and now it’s time to unwind. If you’re craving a little more beach adventure, head back, but this time, it’s for a night of downloading and roasting marshmallows on the beach over the crackling of sunset campfire and crashing of the waves.

Be sure to read up on campfire safety and rules. The hole for the fire should not exceed 3 feet in depth and diameter, and when you’re finished, the fire should be properly extinguished so it doesn’t smolder for hours after the original attempt. Burn only natural wood -- pallets, lumber, and nails are not allowed.

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Corpus Christi's beautiful beaches are the heart and soul of the Gulf Coast Capital. With…

Corpus Christi's beautiful beaches are the heart and soul of the Gulf Coast Capital. With…

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