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DestinationNEXT 2023

What is a DNEXT Assessment? 



A data-driven platform that helps Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) like Visit Corpus Christi assess gaps and opportunities in their visitor economy with a powerful assessment tool and practical actions and strategies for sustainable success.

This was developed through a partnership with DestinationNEXT to provide a data-driven methodology for helping Visit Corpus Christi increase the overall value in our community.

DestinationNEXT consists of two parts: 

  1. Futures Study – Identifies the major leisure and business travel trends worldwide
  2. Destination Assessment  – Provides a framework for measuring destination strength and community support/engagement

The end goal is a 10-year Tourism Master Plan and beyond.

Final open-ended questions.

[WATCH] 2023 DestinationNEXT Survey

View the full recording of the DestinationNEXT community survey results of 2023.


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