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Whitecap Beach

Michael J Ellis Beach & Seawall

Whitecap Beach, named after the white sands you'll find on this untouched shore, is an excellent location for small groups or solo travelers. This location is an excellent choice for those looking to escape a busier beach scene. Stretching from Whitecap Beach to South Packery Beach is the mile-long Padre Island Seawall protecting the hotels and resorts, which offers a sand-free path for biking, jogging, or walking along the beach.  

Midway along the Padre Island Seawall sits the Michael J. Ellis Beach. Here you’ll find free parking, clean facilities, showers, and dressing rooms to make your beach day even more enjoyable. Well-maintained with packed sand and lifeguards stationed along the way, Ellis Beach is a great place to bike, jog, walk, surf, and people-watch. This beach is also ADA accessible and completely free to the public. Creating the picture-perfect beach day is easy, with a variety of rental vendors in close proximity. 

Within the boundaries of Whitecap Beach you’ll also find South Packery Channel Beach, which serves as the dividing line between Mustang and Padre Islands. This sandy sanctuary is perfect for families that want to spread out and build giant sandcastles. It also features ideal conditions for jetty fishing, surfing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding. South Packery Channel Beach also offers one of the top fishing spots in the region. Perfect conditions and the variety of fishing methods make this a standout option for those looking to reel something in. Jetty, stand-up, and in-water fishing are all options here.

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