Tis’ the “sea-sun” of love in the Gulf Coast Capital! Between the beautiful beaches, unforgettable views, and outdoor adventures, Corpus Christi is the place to coast your way for Valentine’s Day.



1. Vibes & Views

Sit back and relax while enjoying live music atop Harrison’s Landing – a restaurant that floats in the Corpus Christi Marina! If you’re looking to go big this Valentine’s Day, check out their Valentine’s with a View dinner complete with a four-course meal and live music.


2. Picnics for Days

The amount of sunshine in Corpus Christi is higher than the US average. It’s as if the Gulf Coast Capital was made for sunny days and perfect picnics. But no need to grab a beach blanket – Pretty Picnic has you covered. Even Good Morning America loves this luxury picnic experience!


3. High Tea on the Gulf Coast

Enjoy teatime with a South Texas spin at Bien Merite! High Tea is a beloved tradition in the UK – gather the gals and see how we do it the coastal way. Choose from a variety of teas and pastries like beignets, croissants, macaroons, and more. And don’t forget to snap a shot in front of their famous flower wall.


4. Family-Friendly Museums

There’s something for everyone at the Corpus Christi Museum of Science & History. Filled with science shows, hands-on activities, and exhibitions, you’re sure to Fall in Love With Your Museum this Valentine’s Day!


5. Heart-Shaped Pizzas

All you need is love…and pizza. Every year, locals look forward to House of Rock’s heart-shaped pies. Whether it’s a date night, family outing, or solo celebration, a pizza on the patio is the way to go.


6. Horses on the Beach

Feeling adventurous? Saddle up along the sea with Horses on the Beach – an experience loved by locals and visitors alike. If you’re looking for a romantic ride at sunset or a new outdoor experience along the beach, Corpus Christi is your destination.


7. Handcrafted Cocktails

Dokyo fuses Japanese, Korean, and South Texas flavors together, bringing visitors an elevated and unforgettable experience. If Taki-flavored appetizers and pink drinks with chocolate liqueur and marshmallows are your style, dig in at Dokyo for date night this Valentine’s Day.


8. Flower Mobiles

BYOB (build your own bouquet) with Bentley’s Flower Truck! This 1958 Volkswagen cruises around the coast and allows you to create a bouquet your way. Be sure to catch them at local pop-up markets and restaurants in Corpus Christi.


9. Fresh, Local Seafood

It isn’t a celebration in our city without seafood! Spend the day like a local and kick back on the patio with a plate of oysters and a glass of wine at The Yardarm. Stay awhile, enjoy a sunset at sea, and savor the flavors of the coast.


10. No Singles Left Behind

We mean it when we say the Gulf Coast Capital is for everyone – even on Valentine’s Day. Every year, Executive Surf Club hosts a “Love Stinks” party where singles can rejoice in a variety of ways. Don’t believe us? Come and see for yourself.