After a long day of traveling, it’s nice to unwind with a deliciously crafted cocktail that you can truly savor. Corpus Christi is home to several sweet spots specializing in some of the most intricate and delectable cocktails you’ll ever taste.


The heart of downtown features some of the city’s best craft cocktail options. Here you’ll find favorites such as Executive Surf Club, House of Rock, The Exchange, Rockit's, and The Republic of Texas.

Once the old Greyhound Bus station, BUS is a great stop for downtown drinking. Acting as the area’s communal backyard, their massive outdoor seating area and selection of yard games make this a great spot for families and large parties to unwind and let loose. Just down the street, you’ll find The Gold Fish. Mostly an outdoor bar, this local favorite serves as the perfect back porch drinking vibe without ever leaving downtown.

Dokyo Dauntaun is a superb option for alcoholic beverages doubling as works of art. Our favorites include the infused-oriental sangria called the Monsoon, or The Geisha, which features aromatic smoke wrapped in an edible bubble! Before your downtown drinking adventure comes to an end, we suggest paying a visit to Grandview Lounge. This spot offers exactly what the name suggests: grand views! Located on the 11th floor of Best Western, this rooftop bar surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows offers breathtaking views of the Corpus Christi Bay.


Bay Area & Island

Don’t be fooled: Tasty craft cocktails aren’t confined to just the downtown area. The Post at Lamar Park, residing inside an old post office, is the area’s first gastropub, and its award-winning concoctions and mixologists pull out all the stops to create cocktails with fresh and innovative ingredients. Just a stone’s throw away sits BKK thai kitchen + bar. While a great option for a delicious Thai meal, BKK also contains a fully stocked bar whipping up new specialty drinks on a weekly basis.

Craft cocktails not really your thing? No worries! Stop by one of our local wine bars for a fantastic selection of wine. TANNINS Wine Bar & Tapas Restaurant, D’Canters Wine & Delights, and The Barrel at Black Sheep Bistro are all excellent options.

A bar-hopping journey in the Gulf Coast Capital wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Scuttlebutt’s! This is a great spot for weekly live music and its happy hour options are quite possibly the best in town.