Our Purpose

The Corpus Christi Sports Commission operates under Visit Corpus Christi, a 501c6 Destination Marketing Organization, with a mission to create a better community by sharing Corpus Christi with the world. The goal of the Corpus Christi Sports Commission is to develop and promote Corpus Christi as the premier gulf sports destination to the world.

The Corpus Christi Sports Commission is funded by the Tourism Public Improvement District (TPID). The TPID is a 2% assessment on overnight stays of which Visit Corpus Christi receives 100% for marketing and sales initiatives.

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Corpus Christi provides the perfect destination by offering athletes a year-round coastal environment for sports and unique experiences. Over 350,000 residents call Corpus Christi home, and tourists consider our city their favorite destination for beaches, travel, entertainment, and of course, sporting events.

Core Functions


Strategically targeted direct sales efforts leading to community aligned new business opportunities


Conduct site and familiarization (FAM) tours to promote Corpus Christi and its sports facilities


Create competitive group incentive packages to secure new business opportunities


Collaborate to create Sports Marketing campaigns that attract planners and solidify our reputation as the Gulf Coast Capital for Sports


Provide logistical sports event support for both local and non-local sports planners


Through valuable collaborations, drive sports event business and exposure to our exceptional local industry partners


Advocate and advise on new sports venue and infrastructure development


Create an environment where our sports community thrives, contributing to the well-being and the quality of life for residents

Destination Business Plan

In addition to the outward focusing efforts, the Sports Commission will spend a significant amount of time looking inward. Partnerships with local vendors and stakeholders will be paramount in the servicing of events and providing exceptional experiences for both visitors and clients. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, sports tourism industry experts have stressed the importance of diversifying revenue streams.

Owned events will prove instrumental in identifying future partners, strengthening collaboration and relationships with the City of Corpus Christi, and providing alternative forms of sustainable organizational practices. Owned events will increase the visibility of the Sports Commission to the local community and provide stewardship opportunities. This will cultivate good-will within the community and generate the political capital necessary for infrastructure improvements and sports facility development. In addition to the Huddle Up Group’s recommendations for new sports venues, the Sports Commission will be visible on relevant boards and committees to identify barriers to access, participation, and securing large sports events for the destination.



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