Corpus Christi’s fashion of polarized sunglasses, breathable shirts and water shoes is inspired by the city’s fishing culture. So when coming to Corpus Christi, you’re all but guaranteed to see two things – water and the anglers that fish it. While on the freeway, you’ll most likely see trucks pulling boats or kayaks in the backs of trucks or on tops of cars. So what is fishing culture like in Corpus Christi?

Most anglers are generally very in-tune with the weather. That’s because fishing spots and times depend on so many factors – wind speed, direction, air pressure, tides and more.

What’s the deal with the clothes anglers wear? It comes down to two primary things – comfort and sun protection. And yes, style does play into it as well. If you’re going to be on the water for long periods of time, you want to make sure you’re cool in both temperature and fashion.

Fishing Culture in Corpus Christi

Where do the locals hang out? While there are plenty of bait shops along the way to most fishing locations, one of the most popular and famous areas in Corpus Christi is Roy’s Bait and Tackle. A locally owned and family operated business, Roy’s is sort of like an amusement park or paradise for the fishermen (and women) in the area. They sell everything from lures to custom rods, kayaks and everything in between. Oh, and if you run into Rocky or Michelle, be sure to tell them we said “Hi!”

Fishing Culture in Corpus Christi

Almost every angler loves seafood, so there are fantastic places to get fresh fish or shrimp off the boat or take your fresh catch and have them cook it for you. Whether it’s Laguna Reef next to Bluff’s Landing Marina or Scuttlebutt’s on North Padre Island, the chef’s in the area know how to prepare your fresh catch and make dining out a culinary experience! For a full list of places that prepare your catch, click here!

If you want to see something outside of our great attractions and award winning beaches, head down to one of the boat ramps and watch the orchestra of trailered boats get whipped and shuffled around in unison as anglers unload and load to and from their favorite fishing spots. Just make sure to be at a safe viewing distance!

Ready to hear tall tales of the one that got away or see proof of the ones that didn’t? Boat ramps such as Marker 37Clem’s, and Bluff’s Landing to name a few have great fillet stations where charter boat captains and seasoned anglers alike stop and clean their catch before heading back home for the day. Not only are there great stories, they’re also a great place to learn how to fillet your own fish. You may get a little fun poked at you, but many salty anglers take pride in showing people how to properly fillet fish and showing their skill with a blade!

Fishing Culture in Corpus Christi

Regardless of what you have planned in Corpus Christi, you owe it to yourself to become a little immersed in our fantastic and fun fishing culture!