Christopher Osburn


If you weren’t an avid IPA drinker and someone asked you to describe the beer’s flavor, you’d probably say “bitter.” And… maybe not much else. But while that makes sense for those unacquainted with IPAs, we think that’s a fairly narrow look at this complex, flavorful beer style.

Sure, we agree that many IPAs (especially some West Coast IPAs) border on aggressively and sometimes uncomfortably hoppy, dank notes, there are others that feature more nuanced flavors as well. We’re talking about bright floral hints, grassy notes, fresh hay, tropical fruits, and our favorite vibrant, sweet, and sometimes tart citrus flavors. Especially grapefruit, lemon, lime, and tangerine.

Don’t get us wrong, we can throw down an in-your-face bitterly hopped banger with the best of them. But we prefer our IPAs to be more balanced and drinkable, especially in summer.

In order to find the best IPAs for fans of bold, tart citrus flavors, we went to the pros. We asked a few well-known craft beer experts, brewers, and beer professionals to reveal their favorite IPAs for fans of citrus. Keep reading to see their picks!

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