Let’s talk fishing.

Q&A with Local Guide, Jesse Torres

Corpus Christi is a prime fishing spot on the Gulf Coast of Texas, and many experienced anglers travel from around the world to cast a line in the Laguna Madre, Gulf of Mexico, or Corpus Christi Bay. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or fishing for the first time, local fishing guide, Captain Jesse Torres, shares some great tips for a successful fishing adventure.  

What is the ideal time of year to fish in the Gulf Coast Capital?

Fishing in the Gulf Coast Capital is great year-round, but determining the best time would depend on the weather, season, and type of fishing you want to do. Generally, spring and summer are when the most common species (Redfish, Speckled Trout, Black Drum, Flounder) are abundant, and the weather is incredible.  You can catch fish year-round, but the success rate will vary if you’re targeting specific species.


Where is the best spot to fish in the area?   

We have an abundance of water here, so it’s difficult to narrow it down to just one spot. People can choose to sight cast or fly fish in the vast area of flats we have. There are miles of beach for people to shark fish or just cast a line and see what picks it up.

The best part of the Coastal Bend is that one can do it all here: bay fishing, surf fishing, and offshore fishing. The important thing is to find the spot that works best for you. You might start at the T-Heads downtown and end up at the Packery Channel or Marker 37. Since there’s no guarantee that the fish are biting in any specific location, you won’t necessarily stay in just one spot.


Can you tell us what some of the benefits of a fishing guide are, and how do you choose one? 

When you hire a guide, you’re going out with someone who has years of experience and knowledge of the waters and fish patterns. Most guides are on the water multiple times a week and can ensure a good time with plenty of bent rods. Usually, the guide provides everything, including bait and tackle, but the clients bring drinks, snacks, and sunscreen. I always recommend people wear a hat and a breathable shirt. Most guides will handle the fish cleaning and hand the fillets over in a bag for you to take home. Choosing a guide can be as easy as looking on social media or stopping by a local marina and asking about their in-house guides.

What are some things that might scare fish away?   

Excessive noise. Since water intensifies sound, the more vibration and noise there is, the more likely the fish will associate it with a threat and move away. You can talk and walk while fishing, but avoid stomping or slamming things shut, especially on a calm day, and if you’re on a boat on shallow water.  That noise will be very loud and scare the fish.

At what point do weather conditions interfere with fishing?   

Keep an eye out for winds over 30 mph. The windier it is, the harder it is to fish, especially on a boat. If you’re in an area that blocks wind, then you can still fish, but it’s a big bay out there with a lot of open areas. It’s a liability. On the other hand, having zero wind can also affect fishing conditions and make it difficult to have a safe and successful experience.  

Where is a good place to hang out and buy bait and supplies?  

One of the most popular tackle shops is Roy’s Bait and Tackle, with its vast inventory. They have equipment for inshore, offshore, and everything in between. We have multiple excellent marinas and bait shops. I prefer Fisherman’s Bait and Seafood Market for bait and launch out of Marker 37 Marina


What is an important piece of advice for anglers?

Patience and persistence are key. Remember that fishing is more than standing in one spot waiting for the fish to bite. You have to put in work, which could include moving around and changing spots. It’s all about the fish and what they want, so having patience and being persistent in your methods can go a long way for an engaging trip.

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