The Corpus Christi area has flown under the radar like early season teal, until now. Fall in Corpus Christi offers hunting and fishing enthusiasts so many opportunities, it’s hard to pack everything into one weekend (or even on this list) – so plan on staying a little longer. And as always, check with Texas Parks and Wildlife for the latest season, bag limit and licensing information!



The Corpus Christi area is very unique when it comes to dove hunting, at the time of this article’s publishing. I-37 runs through the city, and that is the boundary between whether hunters are in the “Special White-winged Dove Zone” or the “South Zone”. The great news is there are many day leases available in both zones to coordinate your hunt.

Hunting and Fishing in the Fall and Winter

White-winged dove. Credit: NPS/ Cookie Ballou


Have an affinity for duck hunting? Excellent! Did you know the Laguna Madre is home to the largest population of red head ducks during the winter? That means that ducks are plenty during the South Zone hunting season and guides are abundant to help your chances. Whether fishing from islands or a duck blind, make sure to bring a friend or family member to share the experience.

Hunting and Fishing in the Fall and Winter

Redhead Duck. Credit: NPS

White-tailed Deer

It’s no secret that Texas is in the top five of the Boone and Crockett club for Whitetail deer. Both archery and rifle hunters enjoy the South Texas area but did you know the world famous King Ranch offers hunts and is just a short drive from the Corpus Christi metropolitan area? That’s the kind of thing legends are made of – or tall tales.

Exotic Game

Yes, the King Ranch offers white-tailed deer, javelina and feral hog hunts, you also can hunt safari-style, for over 12,000 free-range nilgai! Also, many hunters (and non-hunters) view nilgai as a lean, natural alternative to other types of meat you can buy in the store.


Love the experience of flushing birds and covering the plains and brush country ground of the Corpus Christi area? Then you need to experience quail hunting. Over the past few years, abundant rains have increased populations and coveys can be found fairly easy.


Largemouth Bass

Want to cross the most sought-after fresh water fish in Texas off your bucket list? We’ve got lakes and rivers with them. Whether you choose Choke Canyon Reservoir, Lake Corpus Christi or the Nueces River, you have the opportunity to catch a bucket-mouth, or at least have a wonderful story of the one that got away!

White Bass

Whether you refer to them as sand bass, barfish, streakers or silver bass, these are a fun species to catch. Watching shad boil on the surface while trying to escape gives a really great indication of where to fish and surface lures, crank baits, spoons and spinners are a great choice to use!


Ever had a fried flounder sandwich with French fries or grilled flounder with steamed vegetables and rice? If not, fall is a wonderful time to try and catch one. Whether your gigging early or late in the fall or fishing with a rod and reel during November (only means allowed during this time), flounder are a fun species to catch and even better to eat!

Flounder, Hunting and Fishing in the Fall and Winter

Red Drum

Red drum, redfish, channel bass, spottail bass or reds as they’re commonly referred to simply mean one thing – an awesome fight on light or heavy tackle, depending on the size of fish you are going after. These fish can be found in depths of less than one foot in the Laguna Madre, all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, and test not only an anglers fighting skills, but equipment limits as well.

Black Drum

Scientifically speaking, they are related to red drum. These are a fun fish to catch from a public pier that has a channel that leads to the Gulf of Mexico. They’re active pretty much all the time and can be caught mid-day or 3 a.m. They also tend to favor shrimp and crabs.

Speckled Trout

Want a chance at catching a trout that is over 30 inches in length and weighs over 10 pounds? The Corpus Christi area holds some record breakers and tournament winners from the Laguna Madre down to the water of Baffin Bay.

Head to Corpus Christi and experience the vast outdoor opportunities we have to offer!