For many of us, just because we’re traveling, it doesn't mean we’re not working out and staying in shape. However, finding a good gym or starting a new routine for a short amount of time can often be a hassle. A vacation is your chance to try new things and enjoy new experiences. Why should your exercise routine be any different? In Corpus Christi, there are so many interesting ways to stay active throughout your stay. Keep reading for a few of our favorites.

1. Skating

Ways to stay fit Skating.jpg

With 10,000 square feet of cement to glide across, the Cole Park Skate Park is a cool place to get your blood pumping. Check out our roundup of some of the other skate parks in Corpus Christi that you won’t want to skip.

2. Surfing


You can’t find good surfing just anywhere. Corpus Christi boasts great beaches perfect for tearing up the waves. The locals know it as J.P. Luby Surf Park but North Packery Beach is home to some of the best waves on the Coastal Bend. Equipment rentals mean you don’t even have to haul your own boards, just show up and surf!

3. Beach Running


If you have trouble running without something to keep you occupied, try out a jog on a gorgeous, Corpus Christi beach. Running along the beach can be tricky though so make sure to follow these tips to optimize your exercise.

4. Kayaking


The feeling of being out on the open ocean with blue waters stretching out around you for miles is unlike anything else. Grab your paddle and hit the water! Coastal Bend Kayaking offers all the supplies to do that and more. Fish, bird watch or explore with a guided tour with Coastal Bend.

5. Floating Yoga

Floating Yoga.jpg

This unique workout has all the basics of yoga: breath control, meditation and maintaining specific poses, but Waterdog Floating Yoga adds a special, aquatic twist. Floating yoga takes all of that and puts you on board right on the water. Start your day with a sunrise yoga session or unwind after a long day with one of their sunset classes. If you’re not a professional yogi, don’t worry! They offer intro and beginner classes.

6. Biking


You don’t have to own your own bike to explore Corpus Christi on two wheels. You’ll find our resident bike-share program, Bike Corpus Christi, situated all throughout the town. Whether you’re looking to get in shape or just get from place to place, the bikes are a spectacular option to explore Corpus Christi while getting in your daily workout.

There are more ways to get fit than just hitting the gym. Corpus Christi is an outdoorsy city that offers tons of options to get yourself moving and headed in the right direction, even while you’re on vacation!

What’s your favorite exercise that doesn't involve weights and a stuffy gym? Find more ways to stay fit when visiting Corpus Christi by checking out more great activities.