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Visit CC Cares How to Apply

The Corpus Christi CVB Heritage Society is a nonprofit 501c3 charitable foundation. The Visit Corpus Christi Cares Program provides emergency funding to those employed in the hospitality and tourism industry that are faced unforeseen expenses that cannot or will not be covered by insurance. VCC is committed to supporting the hospitality, tourism and service industry in Corpus Christi.  

Application Verification and Disbursement Process:  

  • Each application will be verified by a committee of VCC Staff.  
  • ​Once applications are verified, the application will be distributed to a separate Disbursement Committee.  
  • The Disbursement Committee will be made up of CVB Heritage Society Board of Directors.  
  • The Disbursement Committee will review each application and decide by scoring metrics and then will determine the awarded amount to be distributed.  
  • All funds granted are subject to taxation to the greatest extent of the law.

How to Apply

Businesses: Business owners and sole proprietors in the hospitality and service industry may apply by submitting a narrative describing the financial hardships faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath of Hurricane Hanna. Narratives should be 500 words or less. Please include your business information including address and business filing information. Applications should be emailed to 

Employees: Please fill out the following application if you believe you meet the necessary criteria for VCC Cares assistance. Financial assistance is only available to hospitality and tourism industry employees after meeting the criteria, and completion of the application process and scoring process; and is not guaranteed. Financial assistance is not available for businesses.

VCC Cares Apply Here Button

Please only apply if insurance is not providing you with compensation for your emergency.

Application Requirements

  • Statement of Hardship 
  • Personal Information  
  • Employment History 
  • Full-Time Employee for at least six (6) months
  • Company Support – contact information 
  • Financial Worksheet for Application 
  • Worker Solidity Survey 
  • Submitted copies of current and *previous paychecks or paystubs, lease or mortgage statement, utility bills (*before the incident that lead to the need for emergency funding) 
  • Other materials you think we should know about your experience of loss (i.e. doctors' bills, HOA notices, FEMA letters, repair estimates, etc.) 

Statement of Hardship

Please describe your reason for applying for emergency funding including loss of income and/or additional expenses you have incurred. This may be completed by the applicant or by someone on behalf of the applicant. The statement must be included to be considered.  

Please include any of the following within your statement if applicable: 

  • How much work have you missed as a result? If applying for income reimbursement, please include your last three (3) paystubs. If you do not have copies of your paystubs, include contact information for your most recent employer.  
  • How has this hardship affected you financially (general statement)? 
  • Any loss or damage to personal property 
  • Any loss or damage to personally owned business 
  • Injury or Loss of life 
  • And other unforeseen expenses including medical expenses, childcare expenses, etc.
  • Number of children living in your household 
  • Number of incomes in your household 

How to Submit

Download and save the application. Note that if you complete the application in Google Chrome, you will have to click Print  Save to PDF. Please submit the completed application to with the subject line: Application 
Please include the following attachments in the email:  

  • Application 
  • Letter of support/reference from most recent employer with supervisor contact information 
  • Hardship impact statement (if not already in the application) 
  • Statement of health related issues that you would like to be taken into consideration (if not already in the application) 
  • ​Most recent three (3) paycheck stubs 

VCC Cares Apply Here Button