Fishing is a great activity for kids to spend time outdoors and interact with nature. Plus, the memories you’re creating with them will last a lifetime. With a little bit of patience, some good snacks, and these helpful tips, the experience will be fun for everyone.  

Find a good fishing spot.  

Safety and accessibility are a priority when choosing where to carry out your fishing adventure. Choose locations like fishing piers and beaches with ample space for easy movement and readily available bathroom facilities.


Keep the trip short.  

A fishing trip of no more than 2 hours is ideal for small children. To keep the kids engaged, remember that the goal is not to catch the biggest fish, but to focus on creating a fun-filled day for them. Enjoy some thematic snacks while you’re waiting for the fish to bite, like gummy worms, goldfish, and plenty of water to keep them fueled up and excited.

Simplicity is key. 

When it comes to gear, opt for uncomplicated fishing rods to enhance the experience for the kids. Look for readily available kid’s fishing combos at bait stands or supply stores, complete with pre-spooled rod. Then, all you need to do is tie a hook, attach the bait, and watch them have fun as they anticipate their first catch.


Start with a common species.

For the best luck with fishing, try for early morning or right before sunset. Here on the coast, the more popular fish species include Red Drum, Trout, and Flounder. Kids love storytime, so as you’re waiting for the fish to bite, share fun facts about the different species in the area, or think of a fun game to see how many facts they can remember. 


Celebrate the small achievements.

Whether they spot something fascinating in nature or help with cleanup, offer positive affirmations to keep them engaged and enthusiastic. Remember that it’s not just about catching fish; focus on helping them enjoy the experience and create lasting memories they’ll cherish forever. 

Start a new outdoor adventure and create memories with the whole family at one of these family friendly fishing spots:  

Padre Island Locations: 
14218 S. Padre Island Drive  
13317 S. Padre Island Drive 
Downtown Locations:
2600 Ocean Drive  
5102 Ocean Drive  
1590 N. Shoreline Blvd.