Looking for your daily caffeine fix brewed with bold flavors? Look no further than Corpus Christi. Here are some of the top coffee houses you need to try in the Gulf Coast Capital.

Tucked into a Southside plaza is Coral Bean Café. Here you’ll find an energetic and friendly atmosphere, creative drinks, and plenty of room for the family to spread out and relax.


Traveling through the Southside, you’ll also discover local favorites such as Roasted Coffee Shop – just one of two shops in town serving CBD-infused drinks – and Stingers Coffee, one of the only places you can order holiday specials year-round (yes, this means you can drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte in July if you want).


Moving into Central City, you’ll find coffee hot spots like Coffee Waves and Driftwood Coffee Company. Coffee Waves provides an array of artisanal coffee beverages, an outdoor patio with plenty of seating (dog-friendly), and handcrafted gelato just right for cooling down hot summer days. If you’re interested in diving into the coffee craft itself, Driftwood is a must. One of the area’s only roasters, it offers a behind-the-scenes look at the coffee process.


Island Joes Coffee and Gallery specializes in good drinks and good vibes. Driving onto North Padre Island, you’d be hard-pressed to miss this towering stack of brightly-colored shipping containers where delicious coffee awaits.


As we evolve from early morning pick-me-ups into late afternoon refreshers, Lucy’s Snackbar is the place to be. Offering top-notch coffee and a curated selection of wine and beer, this is an excellent place to begin the evening ahead. Whether you’re ordering a 3 PM matcha to revive your energy or you’re ready for that tall glass of rosé, Lucy’s is a no-brainer.