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Emily Zertuche - Vice President of Marketing
Emily Zertuche

Emily Zertuche is a Corpus Christi local who markets the Gulf Coast Capital. She enjoys exploring her home destination of Corpus Christi, Texas through off-the-beaten-path exploration, from unique culinary, local breweries to the hidden gems along the gulf beaches. #SeeCC


16 Celebrities Born in Corpus Christi, Texas

Corpus Christi is FILLED with a plethora of history and famous people! Bet you didn't know that these iconic celebrities were born here in the Gulf Coast Capital. Read on to see if you recognize these familiar faces! 1. Kevin Abstract Musician, rapper and singer-songwriter Ian Simpson (better known…

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Cool Treats to Beat the Heat in Corpus Christi

The Chocolate Barnacle at Scoopy’s Veranda on Snoopy’s Pier What is it about the warm salty air that makes a sweet tooth go crazy? We're not sure, but when the heat hits, it's time to chill it. Fortunately, the sheer variety of frosty summertime quenchers in the Gulf Coast Capital can take you on…

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6 Points About Corpus Christi’s Old Town 6 Points

Take a hub of mid-century Corpus Christi and mash it up with some charming independent shops and restaurants and you’ve got Old Town 6 Points, the city’s first satellite shopping district outside of downtown established way back in the late-1950s. First purchased in a land deal by E.B. Cole (the…

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BBQ Restaurants You Must Try in Corpus Christi

In Texas, we LOVE our BBQ and the Gulf Coast Capital is no exception. Grab some grub before heading to the beach at these 6 must-try barbecue joints in Corpus Christi! Salty Oak BBQ This Southwestern-style BBQ spot has the locals raving over its signature 2-pound sandwich, The Big Salty. Influenced…

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Voluntourism: How To Give Back in Corpus Christi

Located right on the beautiful shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi offers opportunities to do good when in the destination, promoting sustainability and generosity. Volunteer your time in the Gulf Coast Capital work side-by-side with the local community, and be immersed in our culture to…

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