Have you heard of Corpus Christi’s Heritage Park? Here you’ll find twelve of the most profound houses in all of the Coastal Bend. The Sidbury House, in particular, is among the oldest of the dozen and housed a long line of prominent historical figures associated with the Corpus Christi community. But it all began with Ms. Charlotte King Cook Sidbury.

Sidbury was one of the most influential female civic leaders in all of Corpus Christi starting back in the late 1800s – working as a rancher, bank director and lumber manager while remaining an active member of the community. She was the first to rent what is now the Sidbury House, which was originally built in 1893 but has since been renovated to restore its original beauty and history for future generations to experience.

Sidbury Heritage park

Sidbury’s rise was pretty astounding. In 1948, she married a man by the name of John Wesley Scott and began living at his ranch near Beeville, TX. Scott later died in 1875, but Sidbury – who took the last name Scott after her marriage – continued to run the ranch until she met her second husband: Mr. Edward D. Sidbury.

Edward D. Sidbury was an extremely wealthy lumber dealer in Corpus Christi with multiple properties across southern Texas. Although on August 17th, 1881, he passed away – leaving his fortune and lucrative lumber business to Charlotte. She oversaw its continued rise and amassed a net worth of over $200,000 by 1891. Her wealth allowed her enough financial flexibility to rise to prominence within the Corpus Christi community. She took on the positions of director and stakeholder of the Corpus Christi National Bank and submitted a large donation that paved way for the building of the Aransas Pass Railroad.

But that isn’t the only financial investment Charlotte Sidbury is known for. Can you guess another one? Yes...The Sidbury House, which is now currently home to the Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation Department. Visitors are welcome to casually tour the beautiful premises.

If you’re into haunted houses, this is a place for you. It’s listed as one of the most haunted houses in all of the town, and visitors have reported sightings of a child-like ghost that can be found in rooms on the second floor. Sometimes, the ghost is known to knock over random objects on the second floor and move dolls on display to different locations around the house.

Come spend a day touring Heritage Park and experience everything the Sidbury House has to offer!