The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is one of the oldest and most influential Latino civil rights organizations in the United States, and it was founded in Corpus Christi. Explore its mission and its commitment to education and leadership development in the Latino community, as well as its ongoing efforts to promote social justice and equality.

Founded in 1929, at Salón Obreros y Obreras in Corpus Christi, Texas, LULAC is one of the oldest and largest continually active Latino political associations in the U.S. and continues to play a pivotal role in advocating for the rights and well-being of Hispanic Americans. The organization's mission is to advance economic, educational, and civil rights for Latinos and to promote their full participation in American society. LULAC has been involved in various initiatives, from fighting against discrimination and segregation to promoting voter registration and education for all Hispanics.


Following the Mexican War, the annexation of Mexican territory by the United States led to nearly 77,000 Mexicans becoming citizens. They faced prejudice, discrimination, and segregation, resulting in the widespread appearance of "No Mexicans Allowed" signs. In Texas, Mexican Americans organized into three key groups: The Order of the Sons of America, The Knights of America, and The League of Latin American Citizens, to protect their rights in the face of extreme prejudice and discrimination. 


Ben Garza, who led Council #4 of the Order of the Sons of America in Corpus Christi, successfully unified all Mexican American organizations, establishing a common title, shared objectives, and a single constitution. This significant consolidation effort began on August 14th, 1927, as delegates from The Order of the Sons of America, The Knights of America, and related organizations convened in Harlingen to formally establish The League of Latin American Citizens. 

LULAC's commitment to civil rights and social justice extends beyond just the Latino community; the organization actively seeks partnerships and alliances with other minority groups and organizations. By fostering collaboration and working towards common goals, LULAC has helped create a more inclusive and equitable society for all. With a rich history of activism and advocacy, LULAC continues to be a driving force in the fight for equal rights and opportunities for Hispanic Americans and marginalized communities in the United States.