Hispanic Heritage Month is nationally recognized from September 15 - October 15 every year. This national month acknowledges the influence and contribution of Hispanic Americans on our greater culture and history in the United States.

Here in Corpus Christi, you can dive into Hispanic and Tejano culture year-round through our fantastic food, art, small businesses, and festivals. Get the guide to celebrating Hispanic culture in the Gulf Coast Capital here:

Instituto of Cultura Hispanica

The Instituto of Cultura Hispanica was created in 1976 and calls the historic Heritage Park home. Here, you will find folkloric dresses, art, and artifacts from several Hispanic countries, plus rotating exhibits throughout the year. 1617 N Chaparral St


Selena Museum

Coast your way over to this Tejano legend's museum! Owned and operated by Selena's family, this museum celebrates her life and achievements along with holding some of her most prized possessions like her Grammy award and beloved Porsche. 5410 Leopard St


Corpus Christi Trade Center

If you've ever dreamed of shopping hundreds of local shops while chowing down on a corn cup or dressed michelada, the Corpus Christi Trade Center is calling your name! The city's largest indoor market features imported goods, clothes, toys, hats, candy, gowns, jewelry, and more. The list goes on and on for all the things you can see, eat, and shop here from Friday - Sunday. 2833 S. Padre Island Dr.


Sew Bonita

Sew Bonita is a Corpus Christi-based business curated by Elena Flores and garnered internet fame among Texans and beyond. The shop sells uniquely sewn items, cultural gifts, and goods filled with Latino heritage and humor! 4034 Weber Rd


La Casita de Barro Imports

La Casita de Barro is a local pottery shop that's filled with authentic Mexican ceramics and decor. They carry Talavera pottery, Lupita dolls, glass, metal decor, accessories, and more. 5317 S Staples St


Looking for events and celebrations during Hispanic Heritage Month? Check out the list of events below!

Hispanic Heritage Month Events