Discover the art and soul of Downtown Corpus Christi through an immersive journey of large-scale masterpieces that celebrate the city’s spirit. From vivid colors to intricate designs, experience the heart of Corpus Christi as you wander through a tapestry of vibrant colors and uncover tales of local history, diversity, and creativity. These murals are free and open to the public, so coast over and enjoy the sights and sounds of the neighborhood as you embrace the artistic essence that adorns the streets of this coastal gem. 

Don't miss out on Mural Fest in Downtown Corpus Christi on May 7 & 8, 2024!


La Galeria

Located at La Retama Tunnel, "La Galeria" is a collaborative work representing sisterhood, empowerment, social change, and freedom. Be sure to download the app, Artivive, and see this vibrant mural come to life with augmented reality at 501 N. Mesquite St.


Sea Breeze

Emphasizing the quintessential beach vibes of Corpus Christi, "Sea Breeze" encapsulates the coastal experience. Get lost in the sea of bright colors and iconic silhouettes like palm trees, sunsets, and sailboats at 419 N. Mesquite St.


Born to Fly

The pilots, fighter planes, and the American flag on this colorful mural honor and celebrate the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station, which has supported pilot training and operations since 1941. Visit this patriotic piece at 601 N. Chaparral St. 


Pups on Broadway

Take your pup for an outdoor adventure to see a series of bright, colorful murals featuring five fur friends from Corpus Christi enjoying playtime and fun in the sun. This series of murals is located at 401-457 N. Lower Broadway St.


Fair is Fair

To the naked eye, random shapes spell out the words “Corpus Christi,” but when viewed through a red lens, the message changes to read “Fair is Fair.” This phrase comes from the film “The Legend of Billie Jean," a mid-1980s cult classic film that was shot in Corpus Christi. Check out this colorful homage to the classic movie at 310 N. Mesquite St.


I ♥ CC

This collaborative piece was created by locals who love their city. Enjoy an easygoing evening at The Exchange with live music and beer followed by a selfie session in the parking lot with this mural at 224 N. Mesquite St.!


Feather Upon the Shore 


This stunning collage embodies the diverse cultural background of Corpus Christi and the beauty that attracts people from around the world. Painted from a palette that not only highlights the artist’s Miami roots, but also complement the coastal vibrancy of Downtown Corpus Christi, this masterpiece is a must-see at 614 N. Mesquite St. 


Sweet Farrah 


Featuring her radiant smile and iconic pose from the photo shoot in her red swimsuit, this dazzling mural pays tribute to the legendary Farrah Fawcett, a Corpus Christi native. Celebrate Farrah’s legacy through this vibrant mural at 601 N. Water St.


The Opalescent Octopus  


In celebration of Corpus Christi’s aquatic lifestyle, this unique mural features an underwater world to explore. As a giant octopus wraps around an entire building, a diver sets out on an excursion to recover treasures and must conquer his fears while finding a way to achieve his goal through the challenges ahead. Visit this inspiring mural at 300 N. Shoreline Blvd.


Where the Music Meets the Bay  


Two cowboy calaveras playing an accordion and acoustic guitar represent the rhythm and movement of Tejano music and culture and Corpus Christi’s vibrant performing arts scene. The bright colors and whimsical shapes of this mural craft vibrant and mesmerizing imagery that is a must see at 201 S. Chaparral St.


Norma Urban Park Mural  


This 14,400 square foot ground mural honors Norma Urban, who passed away from breast cancer in 2008. The mural features hot pink breast cancer ribbons atop a yellow, blue, and green geometric design, creating a move vibrant and engaging public space at 76 People’s Street T-Head.


I Saw Diego at the Washateria


Designed by local artist Jimmy Peña and brought to life by 60 teens from K Space Contemporary’s Summer Mural Arts Program, this life-size surreal scene features famed artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo doing their laundry with characters from their artwork in a washateria. View this masterpiece behind the Law Office of Scott M. Ellison at 410 Peoples St.