Take a free outdoor art tour of Corpus Christi, Texas! See unique murals and sculptures created by local artists throughout downtown and Padre Island. Enjoy this self-guided journey and earn prizes along the way.


Next time you coast over to K Space Contemporary, check out this large-scale mural on the side along Starr Street. The artwork was painted by K Space's 2019 Summer Mural Arts Program. the mural was designed by instructors, Tony Armadillo and Sandra Gonzalez. Located at 415 Starr St.


Endless Sunset: The Colors Of Our City

One of the largest pieces of street art is full of color and everything Corpus Christi. Designed by artist Sandra Gonzalez, painted by the community and put up in panels, this mural is truly a labor of love to and from Corpus Christi. See it at the Corpus Christi Caller-Times at 500 Taylor Street. 


Greetings From Corpus Christi

Painted just like a picturesque postcard, the Greetings from Corpus Christi mural showcases all the things that make Corpus Christi unique – the Harbor Bridge, USS Lexington, Bob Hall Pier, Selena and lots more. It's located on the north-facing wall of Richline Technical Service headquarters building at 114 N Mesquite St.


Loteria Mural

Lotería, Spanish for Lottery, is a favorite game for most South Texas natives. So much so that Corpus Christi dedicated a mural to it. Completed in October 2015, Lotería features works by 50 South Texas artists. Merchandise and a Lotería Corpus Christi game featuring the paintings in this mural are available in the K Space Contemporary Gift Shop. See it on the back of K-Space Contemporary on North Chaparral Street between People and Starr Street.


Mirador De La Flor

This larger-than-life sculpture by Wade Buddy Tatum was installed in 1997 to honor Selena Quintanilla Perez, Tejano singer and world-renowned icon. She inspired millions of fans in her short life. It is often thought of as one of the most visited pieces of art in Texas. Selena was often called “La Flor” by her fans and this sculpture is a must-stop for her fans who make the trek to Corpus Christi.   When the sun rises over Corpus Christi Bay, the image is truly breathtaking.  Be sure to take the stairway outside the Mirador down by the bay and see the ceramic tile mural created by Aloe Tile and painted by Texas children who loved Selena. Located at 600 N Shoreline Blvd.


Ocean Treasures 

Experience great photos and shopping opportunities at Ocean Treasures. The iconic sea life sand sculpture was created in 2004 by Kevin Hoffman and faces Park Road 22, enticing all who pass by to come in and check out every kind of beach accessory and souvenir known to man, from shells and shot glasses to toys and towels. Located at 14049 S. Padre Island Dr.


Art Center of Corpus Christi

The Art Center is located in the heart of Downtown Corpus Christi and along the vibrant bayfront. An epicenter for local artists of all ages and levels to showcase their work, learn from industry professionals, and develop and feature their craft. The Art Center has successfully developed a creative culture focused on providing a platform for local artists to engage and exhibit their art with a vast audience. Visit them at 100 N. Shoreline Blvd.


Art Museum Of South Texas

This world-class facility focuses on regional art and art of the Americas, but more importantly, positions this museum and the region in the greater global visual arts world. The Art Museum of South Texas offers diverse exhibitions and educational programs that reflect the rich multicultural heritage of the region. Outreach and enrichment programs include gallery talks, artist residencies, videos, dance as well as theatrical and musical performances. Located at 1902 N. Shoreline Blvd.


The Dokyo Wall 

Located in the heart of Downtown Corpus Christi, the Dokyo Wall features a scene inspired by Downtown Tokyo, Japan. Artist Jeremy Flores created a moving piece of art. Pairing the mural with a vibrant light show, Flores has created an interactive work of art for all of Corpus Christi to enjoy. Coast over and see it at 424 N Chaparral St.


The Endless Endeavor

The Endless Endeavor was created over a span of roughly a year and a half by Corpus Christi native Ben Munoz. Here is what Ben had to say about the artwork: "The six woodcuts highlight the history of my family. It begins with my grandfather coming to this country from Mexico City and ends with the birth of my daughters while exploring the life in between. The story is told through imagery and unique, intentional composition of different aspects of my life that play into culture, nostalgia, and specific memories. Images in the work are stacked to symbolize the idea that each generation works hard to elevate their future generations so that they will be able to obtain and achieve things that were previously out of reach. My ceiling is my daughter's floor- and because there is always a new generation to create a better future for, the endeavor is endless." Located at the Art Center at 100 N. Shoreline Blvd.


The Gold Fish Mural

Local artist Malachy McKinney continues to enhance downtown Corpus Christi with his beautiful works of art. The Gold Fish Mural is one of Malachy's recent installments and can be found on the side of The Gold Fsh Bar at the corner of Taylor and Mesquite streets. The mural features a vibrant and larger-than-life goldfish. Located at 724 N Mesquite St.


Untitled History 

The artist, Mel Chin, states that a humane future is dependent on a critical understanding of and empathy for histories lost and destroyed. Fragments of these histories can be discovered and reassembled to assist in making our lives a bit more meaningful. The dog who waits at his master's feet is an homage to the Karankawa Indians, the coast's first inhabitants. The name Karankawa is generally thought to mean dog-lovers or dog-raisers. The artwork is dedicated to Anne W. Harithas of South Texas. Located at North Bayfront Park at 1590 N Shoreline Blvd.


Welcome To Corpus Christi, Texas 

The Welcome to Corpus Christi, Texas mural located inside the Visit Corpus Christi Visitor Info Center, was inspired by a simple swatch of colors. Local artist Kylie Justus created the perfect selfie and photo backdrop for many visitors and locals visiting the Water Street Market area. Stop by the Visitor Info Center to snap a selfie at 309 N Water St, Ste. D.


Wind Dancer 

Wind Dancer recognizes the powerful force of the wind in Corpus Christi. W.H. Tatum’s vision is perfectly emulated in this sculpture that shows a woman in the waves, looking back over the azure waters of Corpus Christi Bay, She looks back as if to say, “Come dance with me!” Her body form flows into the waveform like a figurehead on the bow of a ship. Located at 2970 Ocean Dr.