Get up close and personal to all kinds of animals at the Texas State Aquarium in the newest wing, the Caribbean Journey. Experience the sights and sounds of the Caribbean all together in one colorful place.This Texas-sized expansion is a journey that allows you to see sea and land creatures and also see how they live!

Admire the vibrant colors of flamingos, touch and feel the silky smooth stingrays, get a new perspective of the wildlife through the viewing windows, immerse yourself in Blue Hole through the viewing portal and become one with all of the wildlife flying above you in the massive skylight.


FlaMINGLE with Flamingos! Flamingos are the most instantly recognizable wading birds in the world! Their long necks and legs help them wade through waters in search of their favorite food. The hot pink feathers are hard to miss and their resting stance is anything but ordinary.

Close Up Flamingos 1.jpg

Touch Pool

Explore the jungle through tangible experiences in the touch pool exhibit. Get your hands on a stingray and plenty of other kinds of aquatic species in the Touch Pool in the Jungle.

Close UpTouch Pool 2.jpg

Viewing Windows 

Set your eyes on the amphibians and reptiles of the Caribbean through the multiple viewing windows available. See the Emerald Tree Boa, Milky Frogs, Poison Dart Frogs, Red Tail Boas and much, much more!

Tree Frog

Blue Hole Viewing Portal

"Dive" into Blue Hole through the immersive viewing portal! Surround yourself with sealife like never before. This Blue Hole reveals the rarely-seen habitat of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the deep underwater caverns that can descend hundreds of feet below sea level.

Close Up Blue Hole 4.jpg


Experience birds free-flying above and around inside the Caribbean jungle atrium. The Caribbean Journey jungle opens up to a HUGE skylight that lets in plenty of natural sunlight so the birds and tropical flora and fauna feel right at home. You can see all kinds of species flying around including, Scarlet Ibis, Black-necked Stilt, Sunbittern, Sun Conure and many more!

Close Up Birds 5.jpg

Experience the close up encounters in Corpus Christi today. Rather than going to the Caribbean, the Texas State Aquarium is bringing the Caribbean to you!