Since 2018, locals and visitors have celebrated the art of songwriting in Corpus Christi at the Corpus Christi Songwriters Festival. This multi-day event held in February brings in talented songwriters from various genres to showcase their craft and connect with music lovers in a vibrant festival atmosphere. The event is held across several venues in Downtown Corpus Christi and features song swap showcases, workshops, panels, award ceremonies, and more.


2024 Corpus Christi Songwriters Festival  

Mark your calendars for the 2024 Corpus Christi Songwriters Festival on February 16-18! The festival will kick off with an opening night showcase on Friday, February 16 and will run through Sunday, February 18. Featuring an impressive lineup of nearly 40 international, national, and regional songwriters, this festival will take place in Downtown Corpus Christi, and will include concerts, workshops, awards, conferences, and other songwriting-related events. Don’t miss this incredible celebration of music and creativity right here in the Gulf Coast Capital.   

The festival has brought in hundreds of songwriters over the years, with talents such as Ben Kweller, Carrie Denniston, George Ensle, and Shayna Sands, to name a few. On Sunday, as the festivities wrap up, an awards ceremony brunch is held, and awards are presented in the following categories: 

  1. Songwriter of the Year  
  2. Lyricist of the Year  
  3. Melody of the Year  
  4. Corpus Christi Songwriter’s Hall-of-Fame Honoree  
  5. Best of Fest Award 

Keep an eye out for other CC Songwriters events held throughout the year: 

In The Rounds  

  • When: Second Sunday of every month at Executive Surf Club.  
  • What: Gathering for new and seasoned songwriters to perform two original songs and share the inspiration behind them.   


  • When: Every quarter at various venues in Corpus Christi.   
  • What: Regional songwriters perform daring and unique songs, rotating between venues to spotlight the best live music venues in Corpus Christi.    

Workshops and Retreats  

  • When: Various dates throughout the year.   
  • What: Gatherings focused on the educational side of the organization’s mission that features craft, business, networking, and more.