We all love a summer beach, but in Corpus Christi, a winter beach can be just as enjoyable if you do it right. This season, we invite you to snuggle around a beach fire, roast s'mores and more, and enjoy the breeze that the Gulf Coast Capital provides.

Here are the top five ways to love a Corpus Christi winter beach.


Enjoy a cool swim

If you'd rather have a cool beach experience, then this is the time of year for you. With water temperatures usually not dipping below 68 degrees, a cool swim can really get your blood flowing, but don't forget to bring a warm-fuzzy towel and dry off as soon as you get out.

Walk or drive along the beach

The great thing about our beaches is that they are both walkable and drivable, giving visitors and locals the best of both worlds. Throw on your sweater and enjoy a nice and cozy drive with the windows down on a slightly chilly beach or simply take a scenic walk along the shoreline. 


Go bird watching

Known to be the "Birdiest City in America," many shorebirds stay year-round on the Corpus Christi and gulf beaches. From Brown Pelicans and Great Blue Herons to the Snowy and Reddish Egrets, there are plenty of birds to see on the coast. As you birdwatch or beach, don't forget to respect the birds' habitats and clean up trash and fishing lines that can get a bird all tangled up. 

Learn more about birding in the Gulf Coast Capital here. 

Cozy around the campfire

The Gulf Coast enjoys milder winter days, but the nights can get a bit chilly. The magic of a campfire is strong in any season, so as the sun goes down, bring out the s’mores and hot cocoa and gather around the campfire with friends.

Be sure to read up on campfire safety and rules. The hole for the fire should not exceed 3 feet in depth and diameter, and when you’re finished, the fire should be properly extinguished so it doesn’t smolder for hours after the original attempt. Burn only natural wood -- pallets, lumber, and nails are not allowed. 

Have a picnic

With mild temps year-round, Corpus Christi is an ideal destination for the outdoors any time of the year. Gather your friends and family for a fun feast on the beach, and if you're looking to have a fancy picnic without all the work that goes into it, try hiring a local full-service picnic company like Pretty Picnics or Paint & Picnic! Friendly reminder that glass is not allowed on our beaches and be sure to clean up after yourself and leave our beaches better than you found them.