Learn more about the King Ranch Hand Breakfast in Kingsville, Texas at this annual celebration full of events and entertainment for people of all ages to enjoy.


There is no better feeling than being pleasantly surprised. I tend to live by the saying, "expect nothing, but accept everything." Having spent most of my life in the Coastal Bend, I would like to not so humbly brag that I think I know most of the happenings in and around the area. However, as someone who does not frequent Kingsville, Texas too often, the King Ranch – Ranch Hand Breakfast held during the Ranch Hand Weekend Festival was nothing short of surreal. 

The experience may be common for some and foreign to others. The breakfast was a wholesome event with hundreds of families arriving as early as 7:30 AM. Seeing many faces, some familiar, some new, one can run into just about anyone at this event. All the while, the aroma of biscuits, gravy, and sausage fills the air. I am a sucker for an American breakfast. As the lovely volunteers serving breakfast piled my plate with some fresh eggs, sausage, biscuits, and refried beans, I asked to have my gravy coat my entire plate like fresh snowfall on Christmas Day. 


Thoroughly enjoying my breakfast, the environment is set up for visitors to mingle and provides the opportunity to make new friends. We had the fortune to meet a couple from Illinois who spent the winter months in the Rio Grande Valley. They drove up for the Ranch Hand Weekend and the fresh coffee volunteers happily serve to your heart's desire.


As the contents of my plate quickly dissipate, an announcer begins to corral the crowd towards the pavilion as nothing pairs better with a Ranch Hand Breakfast than a rodeo at 8:00 AM. Cheers and smiling faces surround the stables and the bleachers as everyone watches the first calf roping event. As the competition continues, guests are free to explore and shop for King Ranch merchandise, salsa, and souvenirs to commemorate the morning. Neighboring the merchandise tents are volunteers making coffee over a fire, historical photos of the legend of King Ranch and the Coastal Bend, and live music. 

The entire morning was packed with great food, entertainment, and excellent company, as everyone was an absolute delight. The King Ranch Breakfast occurs yearly, and my recommendation to you would be to get there early. Arriving at 7:30 am was perfect as the line to park was nonexistent, but around 9:45 AM, as we were departing, the line trailed almost to the exit. So, bring the family as the event caters to everyone. King Ranch and the King Ranch Festival will provide you and your family with their next favorite trip as the history and organization of the event are second to none.


Come visit in 2022. The Ranch Hands and volunteers are excited to welcome you to the legendary King Ranch of Texas.

Top Five Moments: 

  • The breakfast is a modest plate if you normally don’t treat yourself to a typical Ranch Hand Breakfast. 
  • Watching a rodeo is always fun, but watching a rodeo with some coffee at 8:00 am is the best way to lean into your weekend. 
  • The fire-roasted coffee was pretty bangin’.
  • Walking around with my mom as she shopped around was some nice family time since this was an unexpected trip for us. 
  • The live music was really good! I did not get to catch the band’s name, unfortunately, but they knew how to put on a show.